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Best Curtains for the Kitchen

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Best Curtains for the Kitchen

We’ve already discussed the best window treatments for kitchens, but it’s time to take that a step further by diving into the best curtains and drapes for the heart of your home! Homeowners often feel intimidated while decorating their kitchen due to the space’s high demands. Hanging drapes or curtains are an excellent and easy way to elevate your space by adding color, texture, and pattern.

How to Select a Curtain Style

The two distinct curtain categories are side panels and drapery. These both make beautiful additions to kitchens, so which is suitable for you and your home? These factors can help you make the right choice.

Window Placement

Consider where your windows are located throughout the kitchen before deciding on a style of curtains. Windows above a sink or cooking appliance may fare better with a valance or other top treatment than full-length side panels or drapes.

Privacy Needs

One of the main reasons homeowners install window treatments is for privacy. This may or may not be an essential factor in selecting curtains for your kitchen, so think about how much view-through you’d like. Your privacy needs will help you choose between side panels, drapery, or sheers.

Design Goals

Adding curtains elevates the look of any space. They are also a great way to experiment with color, texture, and pattern. Browse different side panels and drapes styles to find a set that makes your room pop.

Side Panels for the Kitchen

Both valuable options, side panels and drapery accomplish very different goals and can create different levels of impact in your space. The key to choosing the perfect window treatment is understanding what makes each unique!

Side Panels

If you like the look of drapery but plan to keep them open and don’t care for blackout curtains, then side panels may be the ideal choice! Side panels mimic the appearance of fully functioning drapery, but they are narrow, stationary pieces of fabric affixed to the curtain rod.

Side panels exist mainly to add dimension and visual interest to a room. These accent pieces come in hundreds of fabrics, colors, and patterns, allowing you the chance to experiment with the design of your space!

We recommend opting for side panels instead of drapery in a kitchen. Because there is less fabric, side panels are easier to maintain. This is important in a bustling space like the kitchen! Additionally, less fabric is a safer option, especially for windows near the oven, stove, or other kitchen appliances.

Other Options

If you want more privacy in the kitchen, drapery is still a practical choice! During your consultation, explain the location of your windows so that your JC Licht designer can make sure drapery is a safe option.

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