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Interior Design Trends 2023

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Colorful window treatments make a splash in the living room.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior design trends often follow current fashion trends. In 2022, we saw a rise in bold, colorful clothing and the subsequent rise of maximalist home decor. Design trend analysts often source their predictions from the fashion industry. These are a few of the fashion-inspired home design trends we expect to take off in 2023.

An Ode to Personality

The pandemic’s effects can still be seen throughout our everyday lives, but that may not always be a bad thing. Many people turned toward fashion during the lockdown and used the time to develop their personal sense of style. Years later, that newfound self-expression is blossoming more now than ever.

The same is valid with home design. The younger generations have the right idea for decorating your space: Do what makes you happy. If having a dining room or a white ceiling aren’t your style, then opt for something more your speed. Turn your dining room into a much needed office or hobby space. Paint your ceiling your favorite color. Your home should reflect who you are and what you enjoy, not what tradition dictates.

Sustainable Style Trends

Young people, who have been the primary driving force behind trends for the past few years, are more concerned about environmentalism than ever before. Ongoing debates surrounding fast fashion, thrifting, and environmentally-conscious clothing companies demonstrate the versatility of the newer generation’s plans to combat climate change within the fashion industry.

Find inspiration from this forward-thinking approach and incorporate some sustainable efforts in your home this coming year. Energy-efficient window treatments and motorized blinds will be popular choices, as both can reduce energy costs around your home. Alternatively, incorporating Earth tones and natural materials in your design are also creative ways to show your adoration for the environment. 

Colorful window treatments make a splash in the living room.

Oversized Style

Baggy jeans, long t-shirts, and oversized blazers are now staples in every fashionista’s closet. 2022 saw a significant shift from tailored silhouettes to loose, casual frocks, which reflects a new admiration for comfort and casual wear. More relaxed clothing feels less serious and more fitting for working from home or running errands.

In interior design, we saw the emergence of big, comfortable furniture. Does the viral cloud couch sound familiar to anyone? Or how about oversized knitted blankets? This trend will continue to increase in the new year, especially as more homeowners redecorate their spaces to reflect their authentic personal style. 

Textured Accents

Disco, cowboy western, and ballerina: these fashion aesthetics appeared in 2022 and don’t seem to be going anywhere. These microtrends, fashion aesthetics popular for shorter periods than standard trends, all rely on texture to make their impact. 

Metallics, fringe, and tulle are some of the staple ingredients for the disco, cowboy western, and ballerina aesthetics. Whether you stick to these specific microtrends or branch out, textured home accents can instantly transform your home design. Experiment with unique stoneware, fringe-trimmed lighting, gold accents, custom fabrics, textured wallpaper, and natural window treatments to bring this trend home in the new year!

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