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2023 Interior Design Style Guide

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Hunter Douglas Skyline® vertical blinds room divider. Style trends from JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

A Guide to Our Favorite Interior Design Trends 2023

If there’s anything we’ve learned about upcoming trends, individuality is everything. For fashion trends and interior design alike, 2023 is about making our homes reflect who we truly are. 

Tradition has all but gone out the window. Instead, this is your opportunity to build a home that reflects your needs and interests instead of worrying about what your great-great-grandmother will say when she discovers you don’t have a formal dining room. Here are some of the most impactful ways individuality will appear in our homes this coming year.

Enclosed/Separate Kitchens

Open floor plans have been the preferred layout for several years, but homeowners may find value in a more secluded kitchen in 2023. This isn’t your sign to move your kitchen to the back corner of your home. Instead, find a happy middle ground between the cramped cooking quarters of the 80s and the cavernous combination kitchen/dining/living rooms of the 2010s. 

A more enclosed kitchen creates a cozier cooking atmosphere. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you should feel at peace whether you’re making a five-course meal or grabbing a midnight snack. Suppose you find cooking to be meditative, being in the kitchen is your favorite act of self-care, or you value meal preparation as an opportunity to step away from your hectic routine. In that case, you deserve a private, enclosed kitchen. 

Personalized Color Palettes

In 2023, colorful accessories exist in more than just fashion. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: colorful home design palettes are here to stay. Incorporating your favorite hues into your design scheme is one of the easiest ways to fill your home with individuality. Nothing saysyou more than your favorite color!

If you are recovering from color aversion, find small, simple ways to make your house a bit brighter. Swap out your beige throw pillows for ones in shades that make you smile. Purchase candles and small home accessories in unexpected hues. Opt for saturated drapery and window treatments rather than your traditional white. When you’re ready to take the plunge, our paint experts can help give your gray walls a new life!

Hunter Douglas Skyline® vertical blinds room divider. Style trends from JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Hobby Rooms

Home offices have been the focus for the past few years. Now that we finally have the hang of working from home, it’s time to turn our focus to something else: having fun at home. Why should your job be the only thing that gets a dedicated room in your house? In 2023, create a specialized hobby room to give your favorite pastimes all the love they deserve.

Nothing screams individuality more than a room specially designed to house everything you enjoy. Do you love reading? Build a library complete with a cozy reading nook. Are you a music snob? Curate a listening room to showcase your records and cry over the next Taylor Swift release. Are you a fashionista? Use this space as a styling room. A hobby room can be anything you want it to be as long as it is your own. 

Interior Design Trends 2023 in Chicago

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