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How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost?

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Motorized blinds, Pebble® Remote Control for PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Motorized blinds are often advertised as the epitome of luxury, but they are more accessible than you might think. With prices ranging from $300 to $1,000 and more, there are automation options for every budget. What kind is best for you, and why is adding automation the right choice in the first place?

Types of Motorization

Like all window treatments, there are several different automation styles. Whether you want convenience on a budget or live life lavishly, there is a motorized blind. But what kind best suits your lifestyle (and your wallet)?

The most basic kind of motorization is usually wand-operated. A cordless option, you simply touch the wand to signal the blinds to move up or down. This erases the need for dangerous dangling cords and strings, but it is still a cost-effective choice for those focused on maintaining a budget.

Complete automationallows users to operate their window coverings with a remote, app, or voice. Using PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas, you can connect your shades to your smart home system. Tell your smart home assistant to adjust your blinds. For additional ease, program your shades to open and close automatically throughout the day.

Motorized blinds, Pebble® Remote Control for PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

What’s Included In the Cost?

When you purchase any new window treatment from JC Licht, you can count on our expert technicians to provide in-depth consultation and installation. We pride ourselves on making your life easier through our superior service and high-quality product. While motorization systems can be installed on existing shades, we recommend upgrading your shades and adding motorization simultaneously for the best compatibility.

Why Motorization?

There are endless benefits to adding motorized blinds to your home or office. In addition to simplifying your life, automatic shades also streamline the appearance of your window treatments, make your home a safer environment for children and pets, and even save on your heating and cooling costs.

Dangling strings distract from your beautiful, custom blinds. The cords can also cause extra light leakage, as the holes that the strings pass through can let in unwanted light. Without unsightly cords and strings, motorized blinds are a sleek addition to any space.

Motorized blinds are also invaluable for rambunctious homes, as there is nothing for pets and children to get caught up in. Reducing hazards and creating a safe home is as easy as upgrading your window treatments!

An unexpected benefit of automatic shades is energy savings. By programming your blinds to open and close throughout the day, you can help block hot and harmful UV rays from entering your home, saving on cooling costs!

 Motorized blinds, Phone App for PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Motorized Blinds in Chicago

If you’re considering making the switch to automatic shades, do yourself a favor and contact the team at JC Licht! Our skilled team members are excited to help you streamline your home and make the most of your Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, sheers, shutters, drapery, and more. After all, you can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of motorized shades and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland.Contact us today!

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