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Best Kitchen Curtains in 2022

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Every room in your home has different requirements for covering its windows, and none has more than the kitchen. The kitchen is full of unique challenges when covering windows: First, there is controlling light and privacy, like in every other room, but how do you think about dealing with food spills and possible fires while ensuring that everything still looks the way you want. It is daunting to pick suitable kitchen curtains, but we have come up with some advice to make the selection process easier.

Ease of Operation

First, whatever kind of window treatment you install in your kitchen must be easy to use. The last thing you want to consider is how to close or open your curtains when dealing with a kitchen full of hot food and hungry people. Choosing a curtain with an appropriate operating system is essential for the kitchen. Look for window treatments that have simpler functional designs to ensure that your kitchen curtains are where you want them to be when you need them to be there.

Many options can be operated with a single hand, from single-strand pull systems to sliding vertical slats that can be shifted with one sliding rod. The Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings are simple and efficient shadings that are incredibly easy to operate, making them a perfect choice for kitchen curtains. For even greater convenience, you could look for motorized shades. Operated via a remote or phone app, motorized shades can be opened or closed with just a button. Or the curtains could even be put on a schedule so that they open and close themselves automatically. This system will allow for the best lighting in your kitchen at all hours of the day. Hunter Douglas PowerView system is an example of one of the many options available for motorized shades.

curtains, JC Licht, Hunter Douglas Nantucket® Sheer Shades near Chicagoland, Glencoe, and Andersonville, IL

Ease of Maintenance

Your kitchen curtains have much more to deal with than harsh sunlight - including toppled drinks, dropped food, and cooking splatters. So, curtains made of stain-resistant material in the kitchen are a top priority. Ensuring that the curtains you choose for your kitchen are resistant to staining will make keeping your curtains looking good manageable for much longer.

Also, be sure that the style of the curtain is easy to clean as well. Options like vertical blinds or shutters have flat slats that are easy to wipe off. One of our favorites for vertical blinds is Hunter Douglas Vertical Solutions Vertical Blinds; their simplicity makes them ideal for busy spaces like the kitchen. Besides that, choosing window treatment options with less flowing fabric will help to keep your curtains in control and away from sources of dirt. Roman or sheer shades are very effective at blocking light while remaining compact.

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