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What You Need to Know About Painting Your Deck

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What You Need to Know About Painting Your Deck | JC Licht

As the seasons are beginning to transition, snow, rain, and wind make it hard to revitalize your deck. However, the harsh weather conditions will soon pass. Plan now to paint your deck, because the warmth will be here soon. Now may be the best time to shop around for Benjamin Moore paint and pick the optimal Benjamin Moore products to suit your project.

Consumer Reports notes the best time to paint or stain a deck is late spring when temperatures are between 60 and 85°F and the nights are cool. You’ll need four dry days for preparation, for application, and for a finish to completely dry.

Choosing a Deck Color

The best deck paint colors depend on your tastes. Many choose a bare wood look. For the deck itself, use a water-repellent preservative or semi-transparent oil stain. They keep the appearance sharp, brighten up the natural color of the surface, and protect against wood rot.

You can use any Benjamin Moore paint colors if painting. Regardless of the material, this lets you add, for example, redwood, dark slate, green, or another color that complements your home design or natural surroundings. There are also wood colors that closely match Benjamin Moore colors you’ve seen.


Painting Your Deck with help from JC Licht in Chicago

Deck preparation is an important step. Even with an unfinished deck, or you use the best painting deck ideas, the elements will eventually have an effect. Here are the basic steps regardless of your ultimate choice:

  • Determine the best paint for an outdoor wood deck.
  • Spray a mold deterrent on the surface.
  • Remove mold/dirt using a nylon-bristled brush with a long handle.
  • Rinse the deck surface with water and let it dry.
  • Replace any damaged or rotted boards.
  • Ensure all nails or screws are flush with the surface.
If how to paint a deck with peeling paint is the dilemma, it’s best to remove the old coating, fix damaged boards, and sand the surface before recoating.

Painting a Deck vs. Staining

Stains are often preferred because the wood grain shows through, they are less slippery, and they are usually applied in less time. However, most stains don’t last as long as paint and don’t fill the cracks, so people often question using a wood deck paint or stain.

Paints at our Benjamin Moore locations afford an unlimited choice of color. You can cover old colors or wood, fill imperfections, and benefit from easier cleaning and resistance to rot, mold, and sun damage. People, therefore, often seek nearby Benjamin Moore paint locations when refurbishing outdoor decks.

Deck Materials

Alternatives to wood decks are available. Aside from tropical hardwoods, redwood, or cedar, before looking where to buy Benjamin Moore paint, you can choose:

  • Composites: Plastic and wood, with same or different textures on both sides.
  • Engineered materials: Light and strong, with grooves to allow hidden fasteners.
  • Plastic: Splinter-free, and it only requires occasional cleaning.
  • Polystyrene: Looks like wood and has hidden clips for installation.

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