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Stipple / Roller Marks

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Stipple / Roller Marks | JC Licht

The Problem:An unintentional textured pattern left in the paint by the roller.

Causes:Can include the use of an incorrect or low-quality roller. Using the wrong technique when rolling on the paint. And using low-quality paints making the appearance of roller marks more likely.

How-to-fix:Make certain to use the proper roller cover, avoiding too long of a nap length for the paint and surface. Using a quality roller will help ensure the proper film thickness and uniformity when painting. When using latex paints, you should pre-dampen the roller cover making certain to shake out any excess water. You should always begin rolling near a corner and the ceiling, working in 3 foot sections. Spread the paint in a zigzag “M” or “W” pattern beginning with an upward stroke will minimize spatter. Finally, without lifting the roller from the surface, fill in the zigzag pattern with even parallel strokes. Note, it is important not to let paint build up on the roller ends.

Product Solutions:

Interior Paints


  • Use short nap rollers (no longer than 3/8”) when applying higher gloss paints to doors, cabinets and trim. 3/8” and ½” nap lengths are best for smoother surfaced walls and ceilings.

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