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How to fix peeling paint | JC Licht

The Problem: The peeling or lifting of the paint or coating due to poor adhesion. It can involve one or multiple coats and expand beyond the initial affected if left untreated.

Causes: Excessive moisture in the substrate and/or the expansion and contraction of wood surfaces exposed to extreme temperature change. Moisture seeping into substrates through un-caulked joints, worn caulking or leaks in roofs and walls. Power-washing a wood surface and not allowing it to sufficiently dry before painting or staining. Improper surface preparation, and using a low-quality paint or top coating.

How-to-fix: Identify and eliminate all sources of moisture. Repair leaking roofs, cleanout gutters and downspouts, trim back nearby vegetation, and seal/waterproof foundations and masonry. Properly prepare the affected surface by removing all loose paint. Feather-sand rough edges to a smooth appearance, and rinse or power-wash thoroughly (allowing wood surfaces to dry for 3 – 5 days before priming). Repaint using a high-quality acrylic latex paint.

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