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Inside Out Painting Company

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Inside Out Painting Company | JC Licht

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Established in 1990, the Inside-Out Painting & Construction Company has become the premier commercial, Industrial, and Townhome/Condo Association contractor in Northern Illinois. Locally owned and operated in Batavia Illinois, the Inside Out Company services Chicago and Northern Illinois, Milwaukee and Southern Wisconsin, and the surrounding Mid-Western states.

Inside-Out Painting & Construction is comprised of 4 Divisions, Painting, Construction, Floor Coatings, and Maintenance. All of which service Commercial, Townhome/Condo Associations, and Industrial/Manufacturing properties.

By providing a broad menu of services, quality and value to its customer base, Inside-Out has grown throughout the Midwest and become a trusted contractor to property managers, facility managers, building owners, and property investors of companies and businesses known nationwide.

Offering a wide variety of services to a diverse group of customers, Inside-Out is uniquely qualified to meet any painting, construction or maintenance challenge. A prime example of this is a recently completed project in Chicago’s South Loop by Inside-Out’s Painting division. Painting any project takes a certain degree of precision, attention to detail and quality products. That becomes more of a challenge when you add a tall building! A recently completed project in Chicago’s South Loop required the use of a Swing Stage to remove rust and repaint twenty-four balconies, rooftop deck railings and beams.

Swing Stages are used to hold workers and their tools when they work on the exterior of tall buildings. The swing stage is suspended by ropes or cables and can be moved up and down the side of a building with a controller that is mounted on the bucket. They are safe, portable and easy to use by the operator.

Set up on the roof, and secured by weights and wire, the swing stage allows the Inside-Out painting crew to safely scale the exterior of the building. They wear harnesses and pay special attention to the weather so they are always safe on the job. Weather plays a major role in this because rainy days mean no swing stage painting. Inside-Out met numerous weather challenges on this project utilizing undercoatings and hi-build, fast-dry, anti corrosive coatings that provide rustproofing, corrosion and water proofing protection.

A few weeks, and several rainy days, later, The Film Exchange Lofts had balconies and railings that were rust free and looked brand new, just in time for summer!

J.C. Licht is proud to partner with top quality companies like Inside-Out Painting Company. We invite you to get the complete story on Inside-Out and the services they provide

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