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Hot Trends 2021: Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Hot trends for painting your kitchen cabinets from JC Licht

The kitchen is perhaps the most utilitarian room in your home, and if it’s functional for you and your family there’s no need to embark on a full-on renovation to make it feel new. But, if you’re tired of cooking in an outdated, uninspiring room, there is a fun way you can update your space: painted cabinets!

Painting the cabinet doors is a great way to upgrade your kitchen without spending a small fortune on costly renovations. By avoiding the cost of a professional contractor, you can cook up a beautiful kitchen, (DIY style!) that matches your family’s style without shutting down your kitchen for a long period of time. All you need are a few main ingredients, like high quality Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Paint and the perfect finish. If painting your cabinets is on the menu, check out the top colors and sheens that are trending this year.

Pro Tip: You can create an elevated look by simply painting the island. Adding a burst of color to your kitchen island will give your room more personality without having to paint every single cabinet.


If looking at a color wheel makes your head spin, check out some of this year’s hottest kitchen colors that will showcase your personality while matching the aesthetic of your home. Added bonus: you can choose the level of spiciness that you’re comfortable with in your culinary chamber!

Classic is Always in Style

You know that apple pie recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation? It’s timeless and will always be a dinnertime classic, just like a white kitchen. White kitchen cabinets will never go out of style, because they add depth and dimension while making your kitchen feel open and spacious.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Island. Get painting tips from JC Licht in Chicago, IL

If you want to brighten up your kitchen with white cabinets, Benjamin Moore carries a wide variety of white hues so you can choose the warm or cool tones that complement the aesthetic of your home. Going with this classic color can be as pleasing as that first bite of warm apple pie after dinner with your family. Check out colors likeWhite Dove OC-17,Super White OC-152 andSea Pearl 961 on our website or at a JC Licht store near you.

Show a Little Personality

If you’re the type that likes to modify a recipe as you go, you can do the same with your kitchen cabinets. After all, painting doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We mentioned in the pro tip above that you can just paint the kitchen island, but you can also play around with colors in your color remodel. Explore painting your island one color and your outer cabinets another, or even painting your upper and lower cabinets different colors. Two-toned color options create contrast while adding some personality to your space. How bold you go depends on your taste.

Bold Red Island with Subtle Kitchen Cabinets. Get cabinet color advice from JC Licht in the Chicagoland area.

For some of this year’s hottest trends, colors likeHale Navy HC-154,French Beret 1610 andSalamander 2050-10 are all popular mix and match options. Not to mention they pair well with wood tones if you only want to paint the island, or they work with neutral colors like white, blue, or gray. For a full array of Benjamin Moore paint colors, visit your local JC Licht store.

Live on the Wild Side

If you like to be a little bit spicier in your design style, feel free to add a dash of hot sauce because bold colors are in for 2021! Even black cabinets are not off the table. Keep in mind that if you choose to go bold with your cabinets, other areas of your kitchen like countertops, backsplash and appliances should remain neutral as to not overwhelm your senses. After all, the kitchen should be a calming cooking space where you can showcase your culinary creativity.

Modern Kitchen with Green Cabinets. Get paint color advice from JC Licht in Chicago, IL

For bold yet calming colors that have a personal feel, consider Springfield Sage 510, Dark Olive 2140-30 or Lush AF-475 to make a statement. If you’re not sure how bold to go, consider meeting with a JC Licht color consultant to help you find the perfect level of boldness.


Much like the spices you use in your famous chili, the type of finish you choose makes all the difference. The sheen you select will impact the cabinet’s cleanability and durability, while giving you the look you desire. Cabinet finishes range from satin, which is the most common, all the way to glossy.

  • A satin finish is mildly glossy and highly durable, as it resists scuffs and stains. It’s a great choice for high traffic areas that see a lot of wear and tear, like lower cabinets and molding.
  • A semi-gloss finish is glossier and has more of a shine than satin. You won’t see it right away, but once the paint dries it reflects more light and becomes shiny. This type of finish is resistant to scratches and smudges, so it’s great for kitchen cabinets because they get touched so often.
  • A gloss finish is the glossiest and reflects the most light. This type of finish is durable and best for flat paneled doors or modern kitchens with bold colors. Gloss is also a great way to glam up a butler’s pantry that gets a limited amount of light.

Whatever your personal style, you can choose a kitchen color and finish to match. Get the best in Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Paint in all finishes at your local JC Licht store. Plus, our expert color consultants are standing by to help you sort through the wide range of colors to find the one that can unleash your colorful culinary ambitions. JC Licht carries everything you need, so be sure to stock up on all your painting essentials too.

If it’s time to freshen up your kitchen cabinets, choose this year’s hottest colors in Benjamin Moore paints at JC Licht.

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