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Furniture Refinishing Tutorial

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Furniture Refinishing Tutorial

Five Step Process

1. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) Cleaner

TSP is a powdered compound formulated for heavy-duty cleaning. TSP is preferred by painting and cleaning professionals for removing heavy deposits of grime, smoke, soot, and chalked paint. This product kills mildew when mixed with bleach. Use on walls, woodwork, or floors. Cleans and prepares surfaces for repainting.

2. Festool ETS 150/3 EQ Sander

The ETS 150/3 is ideal for fine and extra fine sanding, producing an unsurpassed surface finish. In short, the ETS 150/3 performs at a level that you won’t experience with any other sander.

3. Water Based Milk Paint

Milk Paint was developed by General Finishes for many uses – from a clear, bright contemporary look to old fashioned painted furniture with a good range of color that could be extended by the user. If you like chalk paints or true milk paints, try pre-mixed Milk Paint from General Finishes. You can mix it, lighten it, distress it, glaze it, layer different colors, antique it – perfect for upcycling or repurposing furniture. Available in 28 mixable colors.

4. High Performance Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat

High Performance Polyurethane from General Finishes contains a UV Stabilizer to retard the finish from breaking down in sunlight. Available in the following sheens: Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

5. Old Masters® Oil Based Brushing Lacquer

Old Masters® Brushing Lacquer provides a durable finish on wood, fiberglass and metal surfaces. It provides a coating that’s resistant to water and alcohol, and can be easily repaired and recoated without removing the old finish. Brushing Lacquer is fast drying and allows for multiple coats within a 24 hour period. This product is a nitrocellulose lacquer that is non-toxic when dry.

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