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Fall 2023 Color Trends

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Fall 2023 Color Trends

Fall 2023 Color Trends

Fall is one of our favorite times of year to bring cozy décor, textured wallpaper, and fall colors to your Chicago home. Learn more about fall 2023 color trends to keep your Chicago home at the leading edge of upscale interior design.  

Evergreen Neutrals

If you’re a die-hard fan of mustard, chocolate brown, and shades of red, hear us out. Instead of season-specific colors, choose neutral shades featuring traditional fall materials, like wool, cashmere, and velvet. Opting for neutral hues allows your pieces to transcend beyond autumn, allowing you to invest in the highest quality items. 


Touches of Luxe Gold

Fall 2023 color trends needn’t revolve solely around paint. You can use furnishings, lighting, and accessories, like gilded mirrors and vases, to bring decidedly fall warmth and character to a space. Gold pairs wonderfully with the deep reds of fall but also with warm browns, charcoal gray, and olive green, so you can enjoy a fall color scheme that doesn’t have to end when the last leaf falls.  

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is reminiscent of calm October skies and is a trend we’re seeing a lot of this fall. Blue is a fairly versatile color and pairs well with shades of ochre, red, and orange, giving your home as much or as little traditional fall color appeal as you like. Gold accents are a fantastic way to add warmth and elegance to blue spaces. 

Deep Inky Tones

Fall has a reputation for bringing vibrant, fiery hues, but that doesn’t mean deeper, inky tones don’t have a place at the table. Muddy browns and muted blues pair with forest green to create a cocoon-like ambiance in your home. Incorporate touches of eggplant linens or faux florals to bring brightness without upsetting the dark-colored apple cart. 

JC Licht’s September Color of the Month

Our pick for Color of the Month is Raindance 1572! This delightful fall green is a beautiful color for any time of year. It pairs well with warm and cold neutrals like smoky grays, cozy browns, and comforting ivories. Raindance would make a vibrant addition to any room. We especially love the hue for homey kitchens, calming living spaces, and relaxing bedrooms.

Distressed Wood and Natural Accents

Wood decor or furniture of any color brings warmth and coziness to a space, but dark stains and distressed pieces have a distinct, homey, fall quality. Offset the dark wood with vibrant hues and patterned textiles. The textures of fall are just as essential as the colors, so working in accents like soft gray stone or marble pieces will make your fall home a more ethereal quality. This base gives you plenty of creative freedom to work in other hues you love. 

Fall 2023 Color Trends in Chicago

JC Licht is here to refresh your interior for fall, whether you’re going for small accents or a whole home decor revival. We are Chicago’s premier destination for Benjamin Moore paint, Hunter Douglas window treatments, and designer wallpaper

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