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Easily Strip Wallpaper And Prime Walls For That New Look

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Easily Strip Wallpaper And Prime Walls For That New Look

Ready to ditch the old wallpaper and give that room a fresh new look? Wallpaper removal products and primers from Zinsser® will make the project easier and ensure professional results.

STEP ONE: The PaperTiger® allows you to score, tear and lift small particles of paper away from the wall, enabling your wallpaper stripper to better penetrate and loosen adhesive. This must-have tool can score an entire room in a matter of minutes without damaging the walls and eliminating the need for steamers.

STEP TWO:Dif® Liquid Concentrate Wallpaper Stripper is a powerful, enzyme-based solution that soaks in and breaks down the toughest wallpaper paste. Dif® enables you to effortlessly remove wallpaper and residual paste from the wall. This product is economical and easy to apply with a sprayer, roller or sponge.

STEP THREE:Once you’ve removed the paper and washed down the walls, it’s important to seal in any old adhesive that’s leached into the drywall, as well as skim coats and spackle. Most latex primers will not sufficiently seal in any residual adhesive, resulting in bubbling of the new wallpaper or paint that is applied. GARDZ® Problem Surface Sealer from Zinsser® is a water-based, low odor primer that will make certain the new paper or paint won’t lift or bubble away from the wall.

Be sure to check out the valuable how-to videos on YouTube and consult your local J.C. Licht in-store representative for expert advice on the products and techniques that will guarantee a successful outcome to any wallpaper stripping project.

Paper Tiger, DIF and GARDZ products available at JC Licht.

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