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Achieve Lasting Beauty with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe: A Complete Guide

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Benjamin Moore Woodluxe WaterBased & Oil Base Exterior Wood Stain available at JC Licht.

With proper application and regular maintenance, your exterior stain project can stand the test of time, maintaining its beauty year after year. Follow these simple steps to ensure stunning results:

STEP 1: Prepare Your Surface

Before diving into your staining project, it's essential to properly prepare the surface. Utilize the full line of Woodluxe prep products to clean, brighten, and restore your surface to its former glory. Remember to sand and wash surfaces, allowing them to dry thoroughly before staining. Talk to a stain expert at your nearest JC Licht for expert advice on the right application methods and products for your project.

STEP 2: Test Opacity and Color

The existing color and condition of your wood can significantly impact the final appearance of the stain. Achieve true color accuracy by sampling your chosen color and transparency with a 236 ml Woodluxe stain sample. Experiment with multiple opacities and colors to find the perfect match for your outdoor space. Always test in an inconspicuous area to ensure satisfaction with the results.

STEP 3: Time to Stain

With your surface prepared and your desired color chosen, it's time to begin your staining project. Before leaving the paint store, make sure that you have enough product to complete an entire section of your project. If you need multiple gallons, we recommend mixing them together thoroughly into a larger container to ensure color uniformity.

Keep an eye on the weather on the day of your project. Temperature and humidity will impact drying time. Avoid staining in direct sunlight as this will prevent the product from penetrating properly and causing lap marks.

You will find that applying this product with a brush will generate better results, however if you do use a roller pad or sprayer, backbrush your work for greater stain penetration. To minimize lapping, always brush from dry sections into wet sections. Continue your stain until the end of the board or until a natural break is reached to avoid lap marks.

Apply 1-2 coats to your project, keeping in mind that 2 coats will provide the optimal protection and performance of your stain. You can recoat after 4 hours. After your final coat, please allow to dry for 48 hours before putting patio furniture on or returning the surface to service.

Talk to our in-store team about your project for specific application instructions, recoat times, and return-to-service instructions for your project. Follow these guidelines diligently to ensure optimal results and long-lasting protection for your exterior wood surfaces. If you run into any issues, contact your closest JC Licht for troubleshooting tips.

STEP 4: Maintain Your Beauty

Extend the life of your stained wood with regular maintenance and cleaning. Utilize Woodluxe All-In-One Wood Cleaner to keep your surfaces looking beautiful year-round. With proper care, your exterior stain project will continue to impress for years to come.

Experience the ultimate in exterior wood protection with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Exterior Stain. Visit JC Licht today for expert advice with your exterior stain project and explore the full range of Woodluxe products.

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