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Things are Looking Up with JC Licht's 9 DIY Tips for Painting a Ceiling

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9 Tips to Paint your Ceiling from the Experts at JC Licht

Did you know that when you’re repainting a room, you should always paint the ceiling BEFORE the walls?

Taking a ceiling-first approach saves you time and trouble as it prevents drops or splashes from landing on already-painted surfaces and ruining your end result. As a bonus, ceilings actually take less time to paint – and yes, they are definitely worth painting.

The fifth wall in any room, ceilings are too often overlooked. But the truth is, ceilings, like walls, can show signs of wear over time and deserve a fresh new coat of paint too. If things are beginning to look up for a ceiling makeover in your home, we suggest reading these few simple DIY painting tips before tackling what’s up top:

1. Have the right paint tools on hand.

You’ll need:

It’s important to use only high-quality brushes and roller sleeves with the appropriate nap to match your ceiling texture. Ask us for help in choosing the right tools for the job.

2. Ceiling paint makes a world of difference.

Trust us on this, high-quality ceiling paint is a must. It applies smoothly, with a flat finish to hide surface or application imperfections. Plus, it is a bit thicker than wall paint and dries slower to reduce lapping.

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3. Lower the thermostat a few degrees.

Because warm air rises, the highest point in the room tends to be the warmest. We suggest lowering the temperature to keep the paint from drying too quickly, which gives you more time to apply it and reduces application streaks.

4. Remove as much furniture as possible.

Fewer items to work around frees up more space to move and allows you to reach all areas of the ceiling easily.

5. Remove chandeliers and light fixtures.

You want to limit obstructions that you’ll have to paint around and let’s face it, it’s a great excuse to finally dust them, clean them, or replace them.

Tools you need to paint a ceiling, brush, roller, extension pole, ladder, dropcloths. All available at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

6. Using a paintbrush, cut into the edge where the ceiling meets the wall.

Extend this painted area outward by 2-3 inches so you don’t have to get your roller too close to the wall and risk making an unwanted mark.

7. Start at the part of the ceiling nearest the window.

This will allow you to see where you have painted by looking on an angle at the ceiling.

8. Apply a reloaded roller to an unpainted section.

After reloading the roller with fresh paint, start the fresh application on an unpainted section and work back into a wet area of paint. Watch a quick tutorial here.

9. Get it all done in one shot.

Aim to finish painting the entire ceiling in one session so that the paint dries uniformly.

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Bonus tip! A word on color.

While classic white is still on top as the most popular ceiling color, choosing virtually any paint color for the highest surface will give the room an unexpected lift. A colored ceiling adds depth and dimension, making a small room seem bigger or a large room more intimate. No matter the paint color you ultimately choose, it’s sure to elevate the space and turn you and your family into real ceiling fans.

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