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7 Hottest Interior Design Trends We Love!

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7 Hottest Interior Design Trends We Love! | JC Licht

As the holiday season has passed and we’ve settled into 2018, we’ve noticed some hot interior design trends that are worth noting. The 2018 home trends in paint, wall coverings, and window treatments are coming into focus, and JC Licht can help you find the materials to beautify your home. Right now, the seven hottest 2018 home decorating trends include:

Hottest Interior Design Trends with this bold red bedroom available at JC Licht in Chicago
  1. Tone Matching

The same color for walls, trim, and furnishings such as dressers is a home décor trend. It’s not uncommon to see a piece of furniture painted a similar color as the walls. Color is an effective way to set the tone and mood of a room.

  1. Warm Colors

Cool colors such as blue and green and neutrals such as white and gray have been preferred, but things are changing. People are becoming more comfortable with red, yellow, and other warm colors. In fact, warm tones can help stimulate conversation and connections between people.1

We offer various types of Benjamin Moore paint, including latex glazes, in many colors for walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinets, and trim. Decorative finishes include Studio Finishes Latex Glaze and tinting products/clear coats from MIXOL® and Modern Masters and special effects coatings from Rustoleum.

  1. Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

Agate and geode wallpaper is a growing trend, with many colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. Wall covers, in general, are more versatile now and are more effective at enhancing the style and mood of a room. Our wall coverings include fine papers and fabrics from leading designers; the options represent some home trends for 2018.

  • Colorful Trim
  • White is still a common preference for walls. An interior design trend 2018 has brought forward so far is to use trim as a decorative finish. A dark trim, such as charcoal gray, against a white wall breaks up the décor and provides a nice contrast, even with a conservative style.

    1. Jewel-Toned Window Treatments

    Jewel tones are in for window treatments. The 2018 house trends here include tones from deep reds to metallic platinum or a brushed nickel look, or subtle blues like turquoise. Window treatments allowing lots of natural light are in style as well. Fabrics in various colors beyond the traditional standard white or cream are, too.

    1. Natural Materials

    The use of organic materials is one of the eco-friendly home textile trends of 2018. Standard designs featuring bamboo, matchstick blinds, and shades of natural woven materials aren’t hard to come by these days and are built on some home design trends 2017 interior designers were keen on.

    1. Color and Geometry

    Colorful, geometric window curtains were popular last year and are expected to remain so, per interior design trend predictions for 2018. Curtains are available with many choices of textures, velvet being one of them.

    There are many other trends, with heavy cabinetry being one of the trends for kitchens in 2018. Additionally, many others reflect interior trends in 2018 UK homes are demonstrating. For assistance, contact JC Licht at (630) 351-0400 or find one our 38 stores in Greater Chicago.



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