Do your walls need a refresh but picking colors has you stumped? 

Caroline Gau, Chicagoland Broker and Host of of Caroline’s Real Estate Chats, interviewed JC Licht’s own Color Whisperer and Lead Color Consultant, Julie Diorio on her process of helping homeowners select wall paint colors they love.

Caroline regularly tells homeowners that wall paint is the least expensive investment they can make when selling their home, making this topic a special priority for anyone in the market!

Watch the complete 7 minute video above to benefit from the whole conversation or read on for a few key takeaways.

How did Caroline learn about Julie? 

Recently, Caroline spoke with a neighbor that had worked with a JC Licht at-home color consultant. Her neighbor was thrilled with the helpful experience and told Caroline all about Julie.

How long is each consultation?
1 hour.

What can I expect from 1 hour with Julie?

Julie will typically work through 4-5 rooms in 1 hour, depending on what is required to meet the client’s needs.
New construction typically takes longer!

What does Julie take into consideration with her recommendations? 
While walking through the space with homeowners, Julie will ask some questions to understand their desired end result.

Color is very subjective and so customers usually have a feeling they want to project rather than a specific set of colors they know they want to include. The leading questions Julie asks helps her narrow down the colors she will show at the later stages of the consultation.

During her initial walkthrough, Julie will also explain some things she notices about the role light plays in each space. The direction light enters the room from (north, south, east or west) will present opportunities and problems that she will ultimately take into account with her color recommendations at the end of the visit.

For homeowners that plan on staying in the home, Julie will take furnishings and materials into consideration for color choices. For home flippers, new construction and those interested in selling a home, Julie will make recommendations that compliment the basic fixtures that are likely to stay as-is such as floors and countertops.

How will I know if the colors Julie picks will look good in my space? 
Julie brings large sheets of wall paint color into the home for every consultation. When it’s time to discuss the why and where of color, she places the color samples high and low on the wall.

Julie leaves homeowners with their own color sheets to see the way light impacts the color throughout the day.

That means, no need to panic if the consult day is cloudy! Julie’s understanding of color and light will help narrow down top color contenders and homeowners can take another peak at the selections as the clouds and sun shift after she leaves.

One of the biggest parts of Julie’s process is making color choices that create a sense of flow, complimenting each other from room to room. 

Does Julie help with wallpaper, too?
Yes. Sometimes, wallpaper is brilliant at simply adding texture. Wallpaper does not have to have a pattern and today’s wallpapers do not present the same problems we saw with the glued-on wallpapers of the past.

Julie has a lot of great recommendations [3:11] for subtle ways of integrating wallpaper, and she knows just how and where it’s stylish to go bold. 

What will I get at the end of my consult? 
Julie writes down every recommendation so that homeowners know exactly which colors were selected for each wall. Julie also leaves homeowners with large sheets of wall paint color so that they can see the way light impacts the color at different times of day.

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