Poor Stain Resistance

The Problem: Paint failing to resist the absorption of dirt and stains making their removal difficult without damaging the paint film.

Causes: The application of paint to unprimed surfaces. Using a low-quality paint that’s porous in nature.

How-to-fix: Prime new or unpainted surfaces before applying the topcoat. This provides better hold out, and results in maximum thickness of the topcoat allowing the film to resist and release stains more easily. Use high-quality paints that contain more binder, which helps prevent stains from penetrating the film. Apply paints with higher gloss finishes in high-traffic areas such as hallways and entryways.

Product Solutions:


  • Benjamin Moore Fresh Start® Oil-based and Acrylic latex Primers

Interior Paints

  • Benjamin Moore Aura® Interior, Regal Select® Interior and ben® Interior Paints, along with Benjamin Moore Advance® for interior trim, doors and cabinets come in a wide variety of finishes.