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Removable, Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

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Say goodbye to basic paint and wall decor.
Elevate your entire home with designer peel and stick wallpaper.

Easy to Install

Easily applies to any smooth surface including bathrooms, stair risers, and ceilings.

Moisture Resistant

Works in bathrooms and high-humidity areas.

Renter Friendly

Removes cleanly without ruining paint or walls.

Tempaper & Co. offers a variety of decorative removable wallpaper. Add a sense of creativity to your walls, floors and ceilings with peel and stick products. The abstract designs, geometric patterns, vibrant colors and metallic hues of Tempaper's removable wallpaper makes a bold statement anywhere it gets placed. Bravely mix and match designs and experiment with new color schemes for a truly personalized look with the ease and flexibility.

Inspiration Gallery

Looking at patterns online does not showcase the true beauty of a paper, which is why we encourage our customers to visit our stores and browse our large wallpaper selection. Feel the texture of the paper beneath your fingertips and see in person, how the colors and pattern will look printed in a variety of lighting conditions.

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