Keith started with JC Licht in December of 1997. He then joined Benjamin Moore as an outside sales representative for JC Licht, then a company owned Benjamin Moore store. In 2015, Keith returned to JC Licht, LLC as the Inventory and Logistics Manager.









• What do you remember about your first day and week at JC Licht?
– My first day I almost quit, I had just left a job that I had been at for 17 years and I was so set in my ways on how I worked that I was very unsure of my ability to adapt, by the end of the week it was apparent that I had made the right choice!

• What is the best advice you were ever given?
– If you are going to do a job always do your absolute best, no half efforts because the people that are counting on you don’t want half results. That came from my Father!

• What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?
–  A long while ago when my Wife and I had three out of our four little ones  I was trying to pay for a lunch for my kids and was having an issue with my Bank Card and a wonderful lady asked me if she could buy the meal for us, she would not give me info to pay her back with, it was a humbling moment and I’ve paid it forward a couple times in the same fashion.

• Have you ever won a trophy?
– Many trophies as a youngster – even a couple as a young adult – mostly baseball trophies- one fishing tournament trophy!

• Was there ever a time when you were frightened for your life?
– When I was about 10 years old we used to ride our bikes on some trails back in a wooded section behind a kmart – some older kids came back and one of them had a gun (we later learned it was a pellet gun) and was pointing it at my head and I just absolutely froze in terror. They caught the kids because the friends we were riding with their father was a Cook County Sheriffs policeman, had to go to court and everything.

• What do you think the greatest invention is in your lifetime and why?
– It has to be the personal computer which all stems from micro chips- none of the technology we use today would function without the advent of smaller chips and computers!

• What is the one piece of advice would you give others on life?
– Be good to other people, regardless of your financial status rich or poor or in between we are all just humans trying to get through this crazy thing we call life – the better you treat others the more it comes back to you in the same fashion.