Fading / Poor Color Retention

The Problem: This exterior issue is defined by premature and excessive fading or lightening of the paint color, and typically occurs on surfaces with southern or western exposures. It can also be the result of chalking of the paint film.

Causes: Using a low-quality paint or interior coating for an exterior application. Use of a paint color that is prone to ultraviolet deterioration e.g. certain bright reds, blues, yellows and oranges. Tinting a paint not intended for tinting. And painting masonry surfaces that have not properly cured.

How-to-fix: When fading/poor color retention is the result of chalking, it’s necessary to remove as much of the chalk as possible (see chalking). Avoid using custom paint colors that are vulnerable to UV deterioration. And repaint using high quality exterior paints.

Product Solutions:


  • Insl-x® Aqua Lock® Plus Acrylic Primers, Prime Lock Plus Alkyd Primer/Sealer, Seal Lock® Plus Primer, Block Out® Acrylic Primer Sure Seal™ Acrylic Latex Primer and Tuffcrete® Acrylic Epoxy Bonding Primer/Sealer

Exterior Paints

  • Benjamin Moore Aura® Exterior, Regal Select® Exterior and ben® Exterior Paints are premium coatings that come in a wide variety of finishes and build levels.