The Problem: An uneven appearance in the paint film due to an increase in gloss or sheen. This most often occurs in flat paints and darker colors when subjected to rubbing, scrubbing or being brushed up against.

Causes: Can include using flat paint in a dark color. Using flat paint in high-traffic areas. Frequent washing or spot cleaning. And use of low-quality paints with poor stain and scrub resistance.

How-to-fix: Paint high-traffic areas using a high quality acrylic latex coating. Use paint with higher gloss or sheen levels in high traffic areas, as well as on surfaces that require regular cleaning like doors and windowsills. Finally, avoid the use of high abrasive materials and cleaners when cleaning painted surfaces.

Product Solutions:


  • Benjamin Moore Fresh Start® Oil-based and Acrylic latex Primers

Interior Paints

  • Benjamin Moore Aura® Interior, Regal Select® Interior and ben® Interior Paints, along with Benjamin Moore Advance® for interior trim, doors and cabinets come in a wide variety of finishes.