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What is Sustainability: 4 Ways to Bring It to Your Home

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Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades

What is Sustainability: 4 Ways to Bring It to Your Home

Achieving sustainability for the planet means balancing meeting our current needs while preserving resources for future generations. While this goal may seem daunting, there are small steps we can take every day to contribute to a more sustainable world.We can make a big impact over time by taking these small steps.

One way to bring sustainability into our lives is by incorporating sustainable design principles into our homes. Sustainable design involves building and renovating homes that focus on reducing waste, conserving energy, and creating a healthy environment.By making small changes to how we use space and materials, we can significantly impact the environment.

Eco-Conscious Window Treatments

One easy and efficient way to introduce sustainable design is in our window treatments. Many shades are made using rapidly renewable materials that require minimal processing. Bamboo and rattan shades are two of the most popular eco-conscious choices. These shades are handwoven, which helps to reduce factory emissions, and the organic materials do not produce toxic fumes. Shades made using natural materials can also be recycled after they no longer serve your aesthetic. Bamboo shades diffuse sunlight into a gorgeous glow and add an eclectic, earthy vibe to your home; They also filter up to 99% of harmful UV rays. 

Solar shades are ideal for curbing incoming UV rays and the subsequent heat without eliminating your view of the outdoors. You can rely on solar shades to keep your home free of annoying glares and cooler in the summer. Increase the sustainable design of your solar shades by choosing a fabric from the GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ collection. Yarn made with reclaimed plastic from shorelines weaves the durable, attractive fabrics of Hunter Douglas Designer Solar Shades. 

Upgrading to energy-efficient window treatments is also another way to create a sustainable home, save money, and, ultimately, help the environment. Cellular shades’ innovative construction traps air within a honeycomb-like network of cells. The honeycomb construction creates a barrier that helps to maintain a consistent temperature without the need to adjust your thermostat. Cellular shades also reduce noise pollution for a peaceful ambiance. 

Home Automation

Sustainability also means using technology to take advantage of energy-efficient behavior. Technology has opened the door to a new world of home automation that can help you save money on your energy bill. You can control almost any aspect of your home remotely or with voice commands, from smart thermostats and door locks to motion sensors and smart appliances. Though the upfront cost may seem scary, homes that use this technology save money and energy over time. 

Systems like PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas allow you to set schedules to open or close your window treatments at various times to allow light and privacy on your schedule. You can also use a smart thermostat system to adjust your home’s heating or cooling when you’re away from home. We recommend working with our local automation and window treatment experts to find the right solution for your home.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular Shades


Save on energy costs and live more sustainably by insulating your home well. Insulation acts like a blanket over your home - it helps keep in the warm air during the winter and keeps in cool air during the summer. The more insulation your home has, the better off you'll be. Be sure to consider the total area of your home and whether you want to improve it through insulation or replacement windows, doors, roofs, and other aspects of your building envelope.

No matter the option you choose, the idea is to maintain the temperature you want in your home. Whether trying to keep the heat inside during the colder months or cool air in the warmer month, your home HVAC shouldn’t be working double time to maintain the temperature. All that will do is increase your energy loss and energy bill! 

Gardening & Composting

Gardening and composting organic materials are two sustainable steps to building a healthy home and planet. If you already have a grassy gardening space, add some raised beds if the soil is poor. If not, you can still grow healthy veggies, herbs, and flowers by creating indoor planters suited to your available space.

If you find that your bounty is more than your family's needs, consider selling the excess at a local farmers market or donating to your local shelter. When you’ve wrapped up cooking, turn your kitchen scraps into powerful fertilizer with composting. Composting is an easy way to reduce landfill waste and put nutrients back into your soil.

Sustainable Design in Chicago

The window treatment experts at JC Licht can help you incorporate sustainable design throughout your home. You can count on JC Licht to make it happen! Visit us at one of our locations across Chicago and the Midwest, or request your free in-home consultation today! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland.


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