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The Benefits of Custom Roman Shades for Homes

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The benefits of Custom Roman Shades from JC Licht for your home

The phrase “window fashions” might sound a bit funny to you, but window coverings have more in common with the clothes that you wear than you might think. Each are supposed to be both functional and fashionable, and many window treatments are made from fabrics, just as your clothes are. And yet we often take more time thinking about the clothes that we want to wear than we do about the way we want to dress our home’s windows. Here atJC Licht, we think that your home’s window treatments should be as much an extension of your sense of style as your wardrobe. To show you what we mean, we are going to use this blog to introduce you to one of the most elegant window coverings around. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of custom roman shades for homes.

Sleek Style

Custom Hunter Douglas roman shades have a good deal in common with the curtains and draperies you may be more familiar with. Both are made from fabrics, and both rely on those fabrics for their aesthetic and functional appeal. What makes roman shades different from curtains and draperies, however, is that the fabric of a roman shade is pleated or folded to create a shade that is raised and lowered, rather than being moved to the side as you might with a curtain. This provides you with a sleeker profile and can give your home the style you want without it feeling cluttered. The Vignette® is Hunter Douglas’s classic roman shade and is available in a wide selection of high-quality fabrics, as well as varying fold and pleat styles, ensuring that you will find the perfect Vignette® shade for your window.

Window Insulation

All window coverings increase the energy efficiency of your home by providing an additional layer of window insulation, as well as by blocking sunlight that can negatively influence the temperature of your home. All custom Hunter Douglas roman shades carry a degree of energy efficiency. This means that you will never have to compromise your sense of interior design in order to save a few extra dollars on your monthly energy bill.

Light Control

Each one of us is different, so why should our homes all look the same? If you want to truly let your individuality shine through your custom Hunter Douglas roman shades, then we highly recommend the Carole Fabrics collection. These roman shades are available in four different base styles, and can be further customized through your choice of fabrics, including linen, cotton, and silk. We have over 250 fabrics available, including options for room darkening and light filtering, so you can get the exact level of light control you want. For further individualization, Carole Fabrics shades can also be outfitted with matching top treatments and trims.

To learn more about the benefits of custom roman shades, contact the experts at JC Licht today! We have 48 locations in and around Chicago, Illinois, and we proudly serve Chicagoland, Glencoe, and Andersonville, IL. In addition to our amazing window treatments, we also offer Benjamin Moore paint and high-quality wallpaper. Come see us today to make your dream home happen!

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