Seven Steps To Make Windows Happen – Step 3 – Child Safety

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Seven Steps To Make Windows Happen – Step 3 – Child Safety | JC Licht

JC Licht has launched a series of seven videos to help you make smart decisions when it comes to choosing your window treatments. In this third video in the series, “Make Windows Happen,” we’ll discuss child safety as an important consideration. Even if you don’t have children in your household, you’ll want to give this some thought because you never know when your family may change, or if you will have guests with children. Each of the seven videos in this series will cover a key topic: proper mounting, evaluating your windows, child safety, automated systems, opacity, planning the entire room, and budgets.

Consideration 3: Child Safety

The biggest concern when it comes to child safety is cords. Many window treatment options are now available without cords and make it nearly impossible for a child to get entangled in one. There are a variety of options for this type of shade: shades that retract with a simple tug, others that maintain their position by simply lifting the shade to raise it to the new position, or those with shrouded cords to prevent the possibility of getting a hand or another object tangled in the cords. For the latest in smart home technology, consider a motorized shade or blind. These systems can have simple remotes or integrate into your home using an iOS, Android device, or even voice commands. Learn more from JC Licht window treatment expert Ron Bryza in the video below.

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