Seven Steps To Make Windows Happen – Step 1 – Mounting

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Seven Steps To Make Windows Happen – Step 1 – Mounting | JC Licht

Window treatments are a major investment, no matter your budget. To help you make an informed decision, JC Licht is launching a series of seven videos on important considerations when selecting window treatments. Each video will cover a key topic: proper mounting, evaluating your windows, child safety, automated systems, opacity, planning the entire room, and budgets. We know what it’s like trying to find the information you need when you’re doing research, and we’re here to help! JC Licht is your one-stop source for window treatments, whether you are new to DIY, an advanced do-it-yourselfer, or would rather have a professional window treatments installation.

Consideration 1: Proper Mounting

In this first of seven videos, learn about proper mounting for window treatments from JC Licht’s window treatments professional Ron Bryza. “We picked this for number one [consideration] because we’ve found that a large number of customers get confused and frustrated trying to figure out how to mount their shades and blinds,” shares Ron. “Most people, if they had their choice, would prefer to mount their window treatments on the inside of their window frame.” However, depending on the style of window and depth, that type of mounting may not be possible. Learn more in the video below.

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