Personality-Driven Design: How to Make Your Home Design Your Own

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Listening room with Hunter Douglas window treatments from JC Licht in Chicago, Illinois.

Personality-Driven Design: How to Make Your Home Design Your Own

The essential part of decorating your home is making it feel likeyou. You are what you surround yourself with - your home should show off your personality and everything that makes you unique. That may be easier said than done, though. Once you’ve asked yourself, “what is my interior design style,” check out our best tips to encourage you to make your home design your own. 

Conscious Color Choices

Using color is one of the most impactful ways to showcase your individuality, like green curtains or purple walls. Even if your interior design style favors neutral shades, the specific hues you select can communicate much more than just your color preferences.

Color psychology is the theory that specific colors coincide with certain moods or feelings. Interior designers typically use color psychology to help bring out a particular emotion in a room, such as painting a bedroom green for a relaxing atmosphere; You can also use it to demonstrate your personality. Think about how you would describe yourself. Are you optimistic? Nature-oriented? Spiritual? Youthful? Then, use a color psychology chart to find the coordinating hues and use those shades around your home.

Listening room with Hunter Douglas window treatments from JC Licht in Chicago, Illinois.

Listening Rooms, Zen Rooms, Reading Rooms, and More

One of the newest interior design trends for 2023 is the emergence of hobby rooms—a section or room in your home solely dedicated to your hobbies. Whether this is a listening room, a zen room, or a library, your hobby room is ideal for showcasing your interests. 

Book lovers may install soft lighting, cozy seating, and wall-to-wall bookshelves to store their ever-growing novel collections. Do you relax through meditation and yoga? Design a zen room complete with yoga mats, incense, floor cushions, and ample natural lighting. 

Nothing is more personalized than a room dedicated to the activities that bring you joy! Your home design should work for you. If you don’t need a formal dining room, don’t feel pressured to have one. Use your space in ways that solve your problems. You don’t need a Hollywood mansion to have a room dedicated to your hobbies!

Custom Decor

Rather than sourcing all of your art and home decor pieces from big-box retailers, connect with an interior designer or art dealer to collect custom items that showcase your personality. Custom home decor can range from commissioned artwork to unique home accents.

Even more architectural elements in your home, like custom window treatments, can be custom-made! Consult a local window treatment vendor to design your dream blinds, shades, shutters, or drapes. You can choose all the details, including the wood color and the pattern of your window treatments, to reflect your personal style. 

Individualized Style with JC Licht

We know that Chicagoans have a lot of personality, which is why it’s our goal to help you create a home you love! Our expert designers are ready to install your brand-new custom Hunter Douglas window treatments or help you choose the perfect Benjamin Moore paint shade.

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation! You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Benjamin Moore paint and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland.


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