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Natural Light vs. Light Fixtures – How to Make Your Home Glow

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Natural Light vs. Light Fixtures – How to Make Your Home Glow | JC Licht

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to set the mood and ambiance of a room is lighting. Proper lighting can make a small room feel more open and airy. Lighting can also make a space feel cozy and warmer.
Here’s what you need to know about transforming the look of a room with the use of natural light, light fixtures, window treatments, and more.

Understanding Light

While color plays a huge role in the ambiance of a room, lighting is also a factor worth considering. Light and shadow sculpts a room and can create any atmosphere that you desire.

As you’d imagine, there are differences between natural light and artificial light. Natural light comes from the outdoors and tends to give a brighter and more airy feel. You can introduce more natural light into your home by using light-embracing window treatments like sheer curtains or faux wood blinds.

On the other hand, artificial light, such as light provided by a light fixture, is usually warmer in both the shade and brightness of the light.

Natural Light

Wondering how to add natural light to a room? The answer is simple: Embrace your windows! If your space has tons of windows, you have an endless amount of natural light to play with.
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Not only is sunlight free, you can control how much of it you let into your room at any given time. Open the blinds for full exposure or use sheer curtains to filter out some sunlight while still allowing plenty of it to ensure your home.

For smaller rooms, you want to embrace as much natural light as possible. Bright light from outside opens up a room and makes it feel more spacious and airy. Larger rooms can also benefit from natural light by making the space feel more inviting.

Light Fixtures

Basements can be the hardest rooms to transform because of the lack of natural light. Wondering how to make a room brighter without windows? The simple answer is the proper use of light fixtures. Knowing how to bring light into a windowless room can make a dark space feel more inviting and warm.

By using light fixtures, you can introduce artificial light into the room, which gives it a nice glow. These days there are all sorts of light fixtures that you can introduce into a space, including:

  • Table lamps
  • Recessed lighting
  • Wall-mounted fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Floor lamps
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With the right lighting fixtures, you can add a touch of brightness to your basement or a small nook in your home. To increase illumination and shadow in the room, consider using mirrors to increase light while also creating a focal point in the room.

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