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Incorporating Geometric Fabric in Your Design

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Incorporating Geometric Fabric in Your Design

Incorporating Geometric Fabric in Your Design 

Chicago is a city that embraces geometric design – from our skyscrapers to stadiums and theaters, exciting patterns are everywhere you look. Consider incorporating playful prints like geometric fabric into your interior design. Here are a few tips for getting started! 

Geometric & Organic: What’s the Difference?

Geometric shapes are precise and made with purpose, while organic ones feature naturally occurring lines. There’s more to geometric design than basic squares and triangles. Those patterns are great, but we encourage you to explore the myriad of other geometric designs, including chevron, herringbone, hexagon, and quatrefoil. 

Don’t Be Intimidated by Geometric Patterns

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to dip your toe into the geometric fabric pool. Geometric pattern fabrics are always bold and require intentional placement within an area. Organic patterns, like floral prints, always seem effortless to work into a space, but vibrant geometric fabric can be trickier. The good news is that you can use more than one type of pattern in a single room. You can mix and match various prints if you follow a couple of guidelines:

  • Choose three patterns; any more may look chaotic
  • Ensure you have both geometric and organic designs to create balance
  • Mix large and small patterns

Using Geometric Patterns to Ground a Space

If you’re new to the realm of geometric fabric, you can start slowly with a single piece, like an area rug. Geometric patterns are eye-catching no matter where they are, so placing one on your floor is a fantastic way to anchor a design scheme. The more adventurous among you may even want to go for a layered look, pairing a large-scale geometric pattern with a smaller organic one. 

Shaping Up Stylish Windows

Since geometric pattern fabric is a visual heavyweight, it only makes sense to place it on the natural focal point of a room – the windows. Roller shades make ideal geometric window treatments because their flat surface is an exceptional canvas for patterns of all sizes. Roman shades are excellent for repeating patterns because the print won’t be obscured even when you raise them. 

Drapery is another fabulous way to incorporate geometric patterns into your home’s interior. Its elegance is the perfect way to show off a sophisticated quatrefoil design. You can use statement-making hardware to enhance the spirited geometric vibe or something more subtle for balance. Solid color drapery is also a fantastic way to conceal unexpected patterns when you layer it with shades. 

Geometric Pattern Fabric Near Chicago, IL

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