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How to Best Style Wood Blinds

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Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds available at JC Licht

Timeless, classic, and charming—these are just a few words that perfectly describe wood blinds. As easy to operate as they are to love, we invite you to look at how you can style wood blinds in your Chicago home. 

Are Wood Blinds In Style?

When a window treatment has been around for as long as wood blinds, it’s easy to think it’s no longer in style. That’s not the case with wood blinds. Why do so many people love wood blinds after all these years? They’re an eco-conscious choice that’s long-lasting and offers many custom options. 

Don’t Forget Texture

Some blinds can look flat and uninspired without texture. Wood blinds offer clean lines and solid structure with the look of wood grain. You can quickly add more depth and texture to your window by layering your blinds with drapery. However, if you want your wood blinds to be center stage, and we get it, there are other ways to bring softness and texture to an area. Area rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and upholstered furniture will make your room welcoming. 

Colors & Contrast

It’s not a secret that color and contrast significantly impact interior design. When choosing a finish for your wood blinds, decide how much you want your window treatments to pop against the surrounding space. A deep, dark chocolate-brown stain looks amazing next to bright white walls or trim. Conversely, a light walnut or poplar color can be the perfect accent for a room with darker walls and wood trim. 

What About White?

Many people dismiss white wood blinds, thinking they have an inauthentic look. We implore you to give white wood blinds a chance. Light wood finishes in contemporary rooms with dark walls don’t always incorporate well. That’s where white comes in. White wood blinds next to navy blue or gray walls will pop without stealing the spotlight. 

Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds available at JC Licht

All About Undertones

If you feel your blinds must match other wood in the room, like trim or flooring, we have some news for you—they don’t have to be an exact match. In fact, using different finishes will give your room a unique character. The only thing you must be wary of is undertones. Mixing woods with both warm and cool undertones in the same space may give your design a random, awkward look. If the undertones blend, you can mix and match a few different wood finishes in a room. 

A Little Something Extra

Hunter Douglas wood blinds are breathtaking, and adding extra personality to custom window treatments is easy with some add-on features. A cornice is a fantastic way to make wood blinds in formal rooms look exceptionally chic. In a more laid-back area of your home, a decorative cloth tape gives your blinds whimsy without losing their sophistication. A cloth tape will also block any light gaps that sneak through cord holes. 

Wood Blinds for Your Chicago Home

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