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Function vs. Fashion In Your Home Design

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A room with high ceilings, crown molding, and drapes

Designing a home can be exciting and fun, but much like anything, you'll quickly find yourself in a decor debacle if you don't start with a plan. Everyone wants an attractive home, but even the most exquisite design is moot if the space isn't functional. It's vital to embrace function over form in your home design, and JC Licht will explain why. 

Why Focus on Function First?

The function is the foundation that fashion needs to be its best self. When you buy a car, it's a given that the vehicle will have an engine, transmission, and everything else necessary to make it operate properly; that's the function. The model, trim level, and color are the form. These things make the car look good but are useless if it doesn't drive. Motorized window treatmentsfor example, offer outstanding functionality regardless of the style or material of the shades. 

The Fluidity of Form

Function rarely shifts. Kitchens are for cooking, garages are for cars (and storing items you're likely to forget exist), and you don't host dinner parties in your bedroom. When it comes to fashion, change is one of the only constants. That's why it's essential to introduce functional elements that can adapt to evolving styles. Motorized curtains will remain an asset no matter what happens around them. What happens when you purchase new furniture and the sectional has to be placed in front of the windows? If you have automatic curtains, it will be a seamless transition. You can continue using your window treatments as you have been. 

A room with high ceilings, crown molding, and drapes

Staying Fiscally Fit

Considering function first when you make any change in the home generally saves you money in the long run. Where there are plenty of fashionable choices available at any point in time, looking at it any deeper than surface level generally reveals flaws that may eventually cost you money. 

Prioritizing function allows you to be more flexible in the future and can increase the value of your property if you ever want to sell your home. Potential buyers want a house they can make their own without having to make significant changes. 

This doesn't mean that you can't make fashion a priority. Permanent function is just never something that should be sacrificed for a temporary fashion change. 

Function In Window Treatments

When working with our customers, we always want to focus on making your life as easy as possible. Often, that comes through automating or motorizing your windows— and sometimes, it comes from setting you up with the basics. Whatever the case may be, we're committed to providing you with the function your house needs so that you can focus on the fashion and design choices you want. 

Function and Form for Your Chicago Home

Create the ideal union of form and function for your home at JC Licht. We are Chicago's premier resource for Hunter Douglas window treatments, Benjamin Moore paint, and the area's largest selection of high-end wallpaper. Visit one of our many locations across the Midwest or book your complimentary in-home consultation today. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!


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