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Enhance Your Industrial Interior Design with Soft Natural Light

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Industrial interior design is a popular aesthetic because it’s modern and casual yet chic. But as with any style, you can make or break its allure with one component—lighting. This is why many spaces like museums and art galleries use light intentionally to draw attention to chosen elements of a space. 

Read on to learn how to enhance your industrial interior design with lighting. 

Industrial Window Treatments for Soft, Natural Light

When you find a beautiful feature, you can generally enhance it with an opposing element. Contrasting shades of color and layers of texture are two examples of how two elements work together to create the most ethereal version of an overall designer look. 

Banded shades are one of our favorite window treatments for industrial interior design because they bring a touch of softness to a space that mainly utilizes hard surfaces like metal, brick, or concrete. Banded shades offer alternating bands of sheer and opaque fabric that gently diffuse natural light. Their architectural form also plays into the industrial design style's practical, modern aesthetic. 

Light filtering roller shades are another fantastic way to enhance natural light. Their slim profile is an ideal complement to the clean lines of industrial design, and they nearly disappear into a headrail when raised for a clutter-free view. Incorporate an optional feature that pairs an opaque liner with a sheer shade for maximum light control without adding bulk. 

Blinds are another foolproof window treatment for enhancing industrial design. Their adjustable opaque slats offer superior functionality, and cordless operation styles make them uber-fashionable. Try hardwood blinds to add warmth to brick and metal spaces or an aluminum design to bring the ultimate industrial look to any area of your home. 

Hunter Douglas Banded Shades available at JC Licht

Artificial Illumination

When the sun bows out for the day, enhancing industrial interior design with light falls to artificial options. Pendant lights are an essential fixture for industrial interiors. They allow you to enjoy industrial features, like exposed bulbs and wire cages, without looking like a DIY adventure gone wrong. Pendant lights are statement-making and a fantastic way to use lighting for dividing up an open space. Try metal finishes like chrome, stainless steel, or matte black for an authentic factory feel. 

Integrated rail-mounted lighting is another outstanding choice for industrial-style spaces. Their prominent position near the ceiling provides full illumination without unwanted glare. This style of industrial light is particularly suited to modern loft apartments and spacious kitchens. 

Wall lamps are another quintessential industrial design light fixture. Look for styles that offer multi-directional lighting with adjustable beam sizes. Wall-mounted lights are also space-saving for smaller areas in your home. 

Industrial Lighting for Your Industrial Interior Design in Chicago 

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