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Colorful Summer Window Shades

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Colorful Window Shade Styles, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Summer has come again, bringing its usual bounty of gorgeous sunlight, long days, warm nights, and astounding natural wonders. From crystal clear lakes to gardens full of blooming flowers, the summer is full of great colors of all shades. Looking out at the beautiful scenery, it may seem that the colors of your home just can’t compare to that outside.

But, adding that vibrant natural color into your home is relatively easy and accessible. Especially when it comes to your windows, there is no better way to add a splash of color to your home than with new window treatments. Blinds, shutters, shades, and all other kinds of window treatments are simple to install and provide a fantastic, colorful accent to any room of your home. Plus, they’ll help keep you cool and comfortable by giving you a break from that hot summer sun.

Through the many summers we have spent helping people pick out the best window treatments for their style, we here at JC Licht have the expertise and advice necessary to get the fantastic color you are looking for in your window treatments. We recommend Hunter Douglas window treatments for the best, not only in color but in craftsmanship and quality. These treatments are the best in the industry and come in a vast array of vibrant colors and patterns.

Roller Shades

Starting simple, Roller shades are an excellent choice for a simple yet effective color accent. The shades themselves are designed to be as simple to operate as possible, using only one cord to raise and lower them. These clean-looking shades will keep the view outside your window center stage while providing an exciting pop of color. And when closed, these shades will block out plenty of light, up to 100% with the addition of a blackout liner, and put their vibrant color on full display. Hunter Douglas catalog includes over 400 fabric and color options, so you will have no difficulty finding the right look for your home.

Colorful Window Shade Styles, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades near Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Vertical Blinds

For stunning colors combined with the utmost privacy, vertical blinds with sheer shadings are the ideal option. Specifically, the Luminette® Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas offer superior privacy, style, and performance, all in one gorgeous package. These luxurious window treatments create the illusion of soft, elegant drapery while retaining the practicality offered by vertical blinds. Be that adjusting the rotation of the vanes or the position of all of them, these blinds ensure the perfect combination of soft, filtered light, privacy, protection from UV, and convenience. Plus, with the enormous range of fantastic color and fabric options available, your windows will practically pop out of your walls with all the vibrant colors.

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