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Blackout Curtains vs. Light-Filtering Shades: Which is Right For Your Bedroom?

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Blackout Curtains vs. Light-Filtering Shades: Which is Right For Your Bedroom?

Blackout Curtains vs. Light-Filtering Shades: Which is Right for Your Bedroom?

Since you spend about eight hours of your day in your bedroom, you need it to be an attractive and functional space. Even though that time is spent sleeping, it’s easier to nod off in a room that comforts you and looks great. If you’re on the fence between light-filtering shades and blackout curtains, we’re here to help you choose. 

The Case for Light-Filtering Shades

Light-filtering shades are an exceptional window treatment for nearly any room in your home because they provide natural light and privacy. This makes them ideal for oversized bedrooms with separate sitting areas so you can read or get ready for your day without worrying about being seen by your neighbors. Many light-filtering shades are available in a two-on-one headrail design to give you even more light control flexibility. Cellular shades are also available with a unique blackout system that prevents unwanted light from sneaking in around the sides of your window covering. 

Don’t Discount Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are designed to eliminate as much light from entering a room as possible, making them a fantastic bedroom choice. Still, they aren’t nearly as versatile as light-filtering options. You should choose blackout curtains if you work an overnight shift and must sleep during the day or prefer not to be woken by glaring sunlight. Blackout curtains will ensure an environment that closely mimics the pitch black of night. 

We also want to point out that blackout curtains don’t have to be black. Modern blackout curtains are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. You can achieve blackout curtain results with shades. Many shade styles, including roller, cellular, and Roman, are available in blackout material. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the range of styles available for light-filtering shades with the light control of blackout curtains. 

Why Not Choose Both?

Layered window treatments give your room profound depth and texture while enhancing functionality. Blackout curtains look especially elegant over Roman shades, while cellular or roller shades pairing will give your room a more sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Depending on your needs, you can close your shades and blackout curtains for remarkable light control or vary which is open and closed for more or less light. Many light-filtering shades offer a feature that nests an opaque liner behind a sheer front, giving you even more flexibility over the ambiance in your bedroom. 

Blackout Curtains for the Bedroom in Chicago

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