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Best Window Treatments for Making the Most of Natural Light

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Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades

Best Window Treatments for Making the Most of Natural Light

We all love natural light. One of the most frequent requests from prospective renters or home buyers is to have more windows with direct sunlight in their homes. Natural sunlight boosts our mood, keeps our plants (and pets) happy, and makes our home feel larger and more open. It can also increase focus and productivity, making it an essential resource during the workday.

Unfortunately, not everyone can bask in ample light from their southern-facing windows. So, how do you maximize the natural light youdo get? The answer lies within your window coverings.

Sheer Shades

When making the most of natural light, you need to maximize the sunlight pouring in during the day without sacrificing your privacy when it matters. Sheers allow you to customize the amount of privacy and visibility at any given moment by simply tilting the fabric vanes. 

These shades feature vanes floating between sheer fabric for soft diffuse light when open and perfect privacy when closed. Sheer window shades also offer UV protection for your furniture and flooring, which keeps them from fading. Consider sheer shades in rooms with the most natural light, even if it’s not direct sunlight, because they will amplify any light that filters through them. Spaces like living rooms, home offices, and kitchens are ideal for Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades since natural light is conducive to productivity. 

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Sheer Shades

Banded Shades

Also known as zebra shades, designer banded shades are a roller shade and a sheer in one, featuring alternating horizontal bands of sheer and opaque fabric. Banded shades are about precision; Adjust the bands for varying degrees of light and privacy. Banded shades are perfect as sunroom curtains or bedroom shades because they offer light-filtering and room-darkening fabric opacities. 

If you love precise lighting throughout the day, then banded shades are for you! Consider banded shades in luxurious bathrooms, sunrooms, reading rooms, and other spaces that benefit from precise lighting and privacy when needed.

Motorized Blinds

No matter what style of window treatment you choose, pairing it with automation technology is a surefire way to invite more sunlight into your home. Using smart home technology, homeowners can program their shades to open and close at predetermined times throughout the day. Schedule your blinds, sheers, shades, or drapes to open at sunrise so you can wake up with natural light already filling your room. 

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