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Best Kitchen Window Treatments

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Hunter Douglas Blinds for kitchen at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why we want to help you make the most of your space. Hot, humid, and full of activity, your kitchen deserves the most durable window coverings on the market without sacrificing style. With so many different factors to consider when choosing shades, you may feel overwhelmed. Our expert team at JC Licht is here to help you choose the best blinds for you and your home!

Window style and kitchen usage are two essential factors to consider when changing your kitchen window blinds. Thinking about these things is a great place to start searching for your new window coverings!

Window Style

The shape and size of your windows will significantly dictate what style of coverage you choose. While there may be countless options for a standard window, there may be only a few for specialty windows. If you have a variety of shapes and sizes in your space, take photos to show during your consultation to help the process go by smoothly. Our Hunter Douglas window treatments can typically be customized for any size or shaped window.

Kitchen Usage

Heat and humidity are common ingredients in the kitchen, and your blinds need to be able to withstand this harsh environment. Think about how you use your kitchen and where your windows are located. A window directly above the sink or dishwasher may need more durable materials than one across the room in the breakfast nook. Likewise, you’ll want to go with the most durable shades if your bustling kitchen is home to the next world-renowned chef, whereas experts at ordering takeout might not need the same protections.

Kitchen Window Treatment Recommendations

There are several effective options for kitchen window coverings, so discuss all the possibilities with your JC Licht consultant. Faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and shutters are some of our favorite options.

  • Hunter Douglas EverWood® Alternative wood blinds for kitchen at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois
  • Hunter Douglas NewStyle® wood blinds for kitchen at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois
  • Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® metal blinds for kitchen at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

Faux Wood Blinds

Made from wood composite but designed to look like the real thing, faux wood blinds are a more durable solution for tricky spaces like the kitchen. Engineered materials mean that these blinds can withstand heat and humidity without warping or yellowing. For extra protection, try Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds from Hunter Douglas.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are the perfect solution for small or specialty kitchen windows because they can be designed for various shapes and sizes. The metal slats are resistant to warping, making them an excellent option for humid rooms.


Consider adding motorization to optimize hard-to-reach windows. You’ll never have to stretch across the counter or reach behind the sink to shut the blinds again! Control your new blinds with a remote, an app, or even your voice to conveniently adjust your shades as needed. Just tell your smart home system to open the blinds so that you can enjoy your beautiful view while you’re cooking dinner or doing the dishes.


While blinds are a great option for the kitchen, we find that the benefits of shutters can be the perfect solution for many of our customers’ needs. Our shutters are made of specially treated wood and faux-wood materials. This treatment makes them UV-, warp-, and humidity-resistant, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your new shutters will look good for years to come.

Best Blinds for Kitchens in Chicago

Here at JC Licht, our skilled team is confident that we can find the best solutions for your space, no matter the project. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of kitchen window treatments and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!

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