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Best Blinds for Sliding Doors

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NewStyle® Shutter by Hunter Douglas at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

Your sliding door is much more than just a functional part of your home. It lets in light, opens up your space, and acts as a statement piece. No matter how much you love your sliding door, it may still be a sore spot in your home. Among our customers, the chief concern we run into is that large windows, although stunning, lead to higher heating and cooling costs.

A proper window treatment can be the saving grace for all these problems and more. At JC Licht, we don’t want to cover or hide your windows; we want to highlight them to benefit you in every way possible. Together we can problem solve and leave your home looking better than ever.

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels by Hunter Douglas at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

Vertical Blinds

You're probably picturing vertical blinds when thinking about stereotypical sliding door treatments. We all know and love these no-fuss and straightforward fixtures. Rotate the slats to achieve custom privacy and light filtration levels, or push them to the side to get unobstructed views. Where these are great, we believe they can be something more.

Try soft vertical blinds if you want a more elegant take on the classic. Made of fabric instead of aluminum, soft vertical blinds blend the privacy of blinds with the elegance of sheers. The material is pre-creased, meaning that the veins will always fold neatly. Plus, there are no gaps between slats, so these effectively absorb sound and provide privacy and light filtration.

If extravagant stretches of windows neighbor your sliding door, use gliding window panels to create a seamless blend between your windows and your door. Go with a completely opaque fabric for maximum privacy, or choose a sheer option to diffuse light while maintaining your expansive views. On gorgeous days, open your sliding door but keep the panels closed to act as a screen, simultaneously allowing you to bask in the warm weather while keeping bugs and other unwelcome visitors out of your space.

Luminette® Sheer Shadings by Hunter Douglas at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

Vertical Sheers

With an artful combination of light fabric and structured veins, vertical sheers are even more customizable than vertical blinds. Open or close the sheers entirely or rotate the veins up to 180 degrees to perfect your space’s ambiance. There’s no need to stress about matching these to your existing decor because our JC Licht team can help you choose a fabric to perfectly fit the rest of the window treatments in your home!

For ultimate luxury and convenience, pair your new vertical sheers with motorization. Open and close your shades all with the press of a button, a voice command, or nothing at all - just program them to operate independently throughout the day. Plus, motorizing your blinds means no more messy-looking cords or wands dangling from your brand new shades.

Custom Drapery and Side Panels by Hunter Douglas at JC Licht near Chicago, Illinois

Drapery and Side Panels

Choosing the best blinds for your sliding door is a great start. To truly complement your gorgeous sliding door, add drapery or side panels to your window treatments for a complete look. With a plethora of both classic and modern fabrics and textures, your local JC Licht showroom will have exquisite options for this finishing touch.

Buy Blinds for Sliding Doors

No matter which style you go for, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy vendor. This is someone you’ll be inviting into your home, so make sure that they provide excellent, dependable work. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer, you can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of vertical blinds and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!

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