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Are White Curtains a Good Idea?

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White drapery from Hunter Douglas elevates a room and increases natural light in Chicago, Illinois homes.

Are White Curtains a Good Idea?

Gauzy white curtains blowing in the breeze seem to be the staple of a relaxing, stress-free home (according to widespread media). Every home decor magazine and celebrity home tour appears to feature white curtains or window treatments. Beloved by interior designers worldwide, is it a good idea to introduce white curtains into your home? 

Are White Curtains a Cult-Favorite?

Simple and versatile, white curtains complement every interior design style and type of home or apartment. They are an easy choice for those who are not ready to commit to a more complicated design or a bold color. Found in homes across the nation, white window treatments are a home decor staple.

White window treatments are an excellent option for homeowners wishing to maximize natural light and help their space feel more open. The color white reflects light rather than absorbing it, as other shades do. Choose a white curtain, and you’ll instantly see it can instantly make a room feel larger by bouncing light around the space. 

White curtains are also easy to maintain. That may seem counterintuitive since the color white is prone to show marks and stains, but white is also one of the easiest colors to clean. Many stain-removing and brightening cleaning solutions are tested on white fabrics. Depending on the care instructions for your curtains, you can also bleach out any marks or discolored spots. 

White drapery from Hunter Douglas elevates a room and increases natural light in Chicago, Illinois homes.

Bring White Curtains Home

Linen White Curtain

If you want to emulate the just-stepped-off-of-a-tropical-beach feeling, even on a rainy Chicago day, white linen curtains or drapes are the ideal addition to your home. Linen is a light fabric that is slightly translucent. It allows sunlight to pour in but also provides ample privacy. Linen curtains add a carefree feeling to any room, and white linen curtains only amplify this effect.

White Drapery

On the opposite end of the spectrum, white drapery brings an elegant glow into your home. Drapery is more formal than other window treatments because it’s made of thick, high-end fabrics. White drapes gracefully toe the line between too formal and too casual, making them perfect for those with more refined interior design preferences but not out of reach for easygoing homeowners. 

Patterned White Curtains

Opt for patterned white curtains or drapes for all the benefits of a light-colored window treatment plus the visual interest of a pattern or print. Choose a simple motif, like a lattice pattern, for a more refined look, or go with a playful print, like florals or gingham, to keep the mood more lighthearted. 

No matter which print or fabric you choose, white window treatments will stunningly complement your existing home decor. 

Chicago Window Treatments

So, are white curtains a good idea? Yes, they are! Our design experts can help you find your perfect set of white curtains for your windy city home. JC Licht is Chicago’s preferred destination for window treatments, paint, and other home improvement needs. Visit us in person or schedule an in-home consultation today. JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today to learn more!

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