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Are Custom Window Shutters Worth the Investment?

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Hunter Douglas NewStyle shutters, custom window shutters, plantation shutters cost near Chicago, Illinois

Upgrading your existing window treatments is a large investment, but that price only increases when you consider switching to custom shutters. Although the price tag may feel shocking at first, investing in high-quality window treatments is always worth it.

Types of Window Shutters

Choosing the right type of shutters for your home may feel overwhelming. With so many kinds to choose from and terms to learn, it’s important to feel informed before you make a large investment, like purchasing new custom window shutters.

Interior vs Exterior Shutters

You are probably most familiar with exterior shutters, especially if you enjoy colonial architecture or live in an area where the style is prominent. Formerly used to shield homes from exterior elements, like weather, exterior shutters are now most often seen as a home adornment. While some may still function as they used to, many modern exterior shutters are completely affixed to the side of the home, unable to move.

Functional shutters have moved inside, allowing homeowners to adopt a traditional window covering in a new way. Instead of protecting against rain and wind, interior shutters provide privacy and protect against harmful UV rays.

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters, custom window shutters, plantation shutters cost near Chicago, Illinois

Traditional vs Plantation Shutters

In a nod to their English invention, traditional, or colonial, shutters are designed to fit smaller and compact windows. Smaller louvers ensure that these traditional shutters can fit into compact spaces, like the ones often found in colonial-style homes.

With the rise of larger windows, traditional shutters got a facelift. Plantation shutters, made to accommodate more grand windows, have larger louvers and more space in between each slat. Plantation shutters are much more common than traditional shutters, but they are also more of an investment.

Why You Should Invest in Custom Plantation Shutters

Your home is as unique as you are, which means your shutters need to be as well. Ready-made window treatments can be a valuable and cost-effective option, but the benefits of custom window coverings greatly justify the increased price tag.

Hunter Douglas NewStyle shutters, custom window shutters, plantation shutters cost near Chicago, Illinois

Custom is Always Better

With custom window treatments, you can be sure you will get exactly what you’re looking for. While ready-made shutters may look nice, there is no way to guarantee that they match your existing decor or fit perfectly with your windows.

Custom shutters from JC Licht come in endless combinations of size, color, and material. This means that you have the power to create a window treatment that feels like it was already a part of your home.


If you are trying to combat specific concerns, like humidity or high wear-and-tear, then definitely consider upgrading to custom window treatments. Specially engineered materials, like Ploysatin™ from Hunter Douglas, are made to withstand high heat and humidity so you never have to worry about your beloved beach view being the reason your shutters haven’t stood the test of time.

Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood shutters, custom window shutters, plantation shutters cost near Chicago, Illinois


By opting for custom shutters, you get outstanding service in addition to stunning new window treatments. You won’t have to stress about measuring your windows or planning the installation, because our skilled team members at JC Licht take care of the entire process for you. We’ll even be there for you in the rare instance you may need a repair.

Custom Shutters with JC Licht

Upgrading to custom shutters is a big decision, but the investment is well worth it. By going with a team like JC Licht, you really can’t go wrong. That’s why you can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of shutters and Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!

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