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Tips & Tricks You Must Know When Painting Your House

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Tips & Tricks You Must Know When Painting Your House | JC Licht

Interior Tricks

Use coordinating colors in the same room (or on the same wall) to create visual interest.

Rather than simply painting a room all one color or just adding a bright “pop” on a single wall, consider using a number of shades that work well together either on different walls or in unique patterns. A creamy yellow wall with squares of cobalt blue for the placement of white display cube shelving, for example, creates a modern twist on a classic French color combination.

Painter’s tape is your friend.

It’s been said before, but it’s still a trick every DIY decorator should know when painting a house interior: A good painter’s tape allows you to create clean lines and prevent the accidental painting of things like outlet covers and vents. Painter’s tape is also the key to creating funky geometric patterns; simply crisscross the tape over the area to be painted, paint the resulting shapes in coordinating shades, and then remove the tape to reveal!.

Match the finish and durability of paint to the room’s function.

The importance of this can’t be understated. If the room is a high-traffic area where the walls may get dirty, like a kitchen or a kids’ activity room, opt for a paint with a more durable finish like a high-gloss or semi-gloss. For low-traffic spaces with less of a durability concern, a flat or matte finish paint is perfect.

Exterior Tricks

When choosingexterior paint, view swatches outside throughout the day and in different kinds of daylight.

Throughout the day and across different kinds of weather, the color of natural daylight can create completely different effects with regard to the color of your exterior paint job. Even safe-seeming neutrals can appear slightly green, blue, or red in different kinds of daylight.

To avoid disappointment, take the color swatches/charts outside. Observe how the colors appear at different times of day and in different kinds of light (don’t forget moonlight!). A color you loved at first may look fabulous around noon but be unappealing in the morning.

Remember to remove all shutters and various hardware before painting.

For the most complete paint job, it’s important that you remove all shutters, hardware, and other items covering the substrate to be painted before you get started. Otherwise, you’ll simply be painting around them (potentially getting paint on them) and leaving areas of old color that will be revealed should you ever choose to remove the shutters/hardware for good.

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