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Perfect Summer Paint Colors for Your Vacation Home

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Perfect Summer Paint Colors for Your Vacation Home | JC Licht

Vacation homes are fantastic places to get away from it all, especially during the summer. You want your home to be fun and inviting whether you’re renting it out or staying in it for the season. You should make your home enjoyable and upbeat by painting it to inspire that feeling. The bright summer sun is the biggest influence on the colors you choose for your vacation home. There are many different ways to create this happy feeling; the key is to use bright, happyinterior paint colors.

Use Lighter Colors

White is a great starting point for a base color, but it can feel plain and stark if there’s too much of it. Vibrant colors amplify the sun, bounce light back around the room, and give your house a unique personality; however, they can sometimes be overwhelming.

Make the most of both whites and brights by meeting in the middle. Pick the colors you love and tone them down a little. Instead of bright orange, go sand beige. Instead of lime green, go soft and minty instead. Using pale and grayed-out variations of your favorite colors gives your summer home a light, airy, and breezy feel.

Monochromatic Scheme

Single-color themes are ideal for dining rooms and other spaces you want to stand out. They produce less “noise,” which makes it easier to use the room for its intended function. Simple color schemes give the room a modern and calm feel. You can play with different shades and hues of the same color for the various pieces of furniture and decor items to create more nuanced setups.

In summer homes, most people attempt to achieve a color scheme close to rich summer colors. Play with monochromatic blues, sands, and greens to best match the feeling of summer.

Dual Colors

Two-color setups strike a balance between simplicity and personality, and they add contrast if you pick the right colors, too. It’s enough to draw attention to the room’s details without drowning any of them out. Two-color themes are a solid choice for kitchens due to their limited space and decorative options, and they work well with bathrooms as well.

For a summer house by the sea, try blue and white—this mimics sailing and the ocean. If you want to get a bit more adventurous, choose two summer-themed colors and create your own perfect match. Think juicy tropical fruits, sunny skies, puffy white clouds, and gentle summer rain.

A tip:Two-color themes work best if you use one dominant color for the majority of your interior and the secondary hue for accentuations and details. Avoid splitting the colors 50/50, especially if you’re using heavily contrasting colors. Not only is this jarring to the eye, but it creates confusion and disharmony.

Finally, try to stick to hues on the color wheel that are near each other, like green and blue. If you want a contrasting look, then go for colors that are almost opposite to each other. Using indigo and orange is an excellent alternative to using red and blue.

Three Colors Is the Charm

Sunny large yard for a vacation home in Chicago, IL.

Using three colors in balance with each other excels at creating a vibrant and active atmosphere. You gain a significant amount of creative freedom with many colors available to you with this theme.

Colors on the same half of the wheel synergize better with each other, but there are many options for contrast as long as the colors are pale and muted. Contrast works better when it’s not jumping out in front of you, while hues which are found together in nature are great choices that easily flow in unison. This is easier when matching summer colors than winter because summer is inherently more colorful.

Make your vacation home a happy place by choosing the appropriate colors to inspire your summer beach bunny heart. Stick to bright hues, but tone them down just a little to get the most out of the beautiful summer sun.JC Lichtcarries a wide selection of colors for you to create the vacation home of your dreams.

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