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Maximize Your Productivity With a Stylish Home Office

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Maximize Your Productivity With a Stylish Home Office

When creating your home office, you don’t need to sacrifice style for form and function. An inviting home office can help increase productivity. Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Color and Design Expert, shares tips on how to achieve the perfect balance of function and style.

Stay colorful from nine to five.

When choosing paint colors for a home office, Sharon points out that it is important to consider the time of the day you will be spending most of your time in the space. This will really help you choose the right color for the room. Bold, dark colors will work especially well in an office environment, as long as the room is well lit with natural light as well as overhead and task lighting.

“One of my favorite, go-to colors right now is Shadow 2117-30, which is brought to life with light. This color will add dimension to the space and help to channel your creative energy.” Shadow, a rich amethyst color, was named the 2017 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year.

Get inspired with accessories.

Create an inspirational space that really gets your creative juices flowing. Choose a few of your favorite decorative pieces, pictures or motivational typography art to accent the space. “You want to create a workspace that feels happy, peaceful and buzzes with positive energy,” says Sharon. “Select items that will get you motivated and help you stay in a productive frame of mind.”

Rest comfortably.

One of the most important features in a home office is your chair. When selecting it, remember to choose one that not only provides comfort and support but also looks fabulous. Take advantage of natural light in the space and if possible position your desk in front of a window. “Natural light can enhance your productivity and impact your overall mood,” Sharon explains.

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