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JC Licht’s Color of the Month April: Benjamin Moore Perennial 405

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JC Licht’s Color of the Month April: Benjamin Moore Perennial 405

If you’re seeking a transformative green hue for your interiors, look no further than Benjamin Moore Perennial. This article explores the unique character of Perennial 405, including practical application tips, complementary color pairings, and purchasing locations, to help you achieve a harmonious and stylish space.

Key Takeaways

  • Perennial 405 is a versatile Benjamin Moore color that suits both traditional and modern spaces, ideal for creating a serene and lively environment when used with the brand’s waterborne ceiling and premium interior paints (Aura, Regal Select or ben).
  • Perennial 405 pairs well with a range of complementary colors including Blue Daisy 2062-40, Conch Shell 052, and Cloud White 967, offering design versatility to achieve either a warm ambience or a striking visual contrast.
  • For optimal application of Perennial 405, wall preparation, correct selection of rollers and brushes, and proper application techniques are critical; following these steps ensures a professional finish and enhances the longevity of the paint job.

Discover the Charm of Perennial 405

As a part of the prestigious Benjamin Moore Classics® collection, Perennial 405 is a versatile color, capable of invigorating both traditional and contemporary interiors. This strikingly pure, deep shade is ideal for turning your space into a serene refuge that echoes a tropical hideaway. 

Imagine the fun surprise you can create by painting your shelving or doors with this vibrant green shade! Embrace April’s color of the month, and use Perennial 405’s versatility to refresh and revitalize your interior spaces.

Perfect Pairings: Coordinating with Perennial 405

For a balanced and remarkable color palette, think about combining Perennial 405 with other soft pastel shades. Benjamin Moore paints present a selection of colors that merge effortlessly with Perennial 405, forming a lively yet calming wall paint assortment. Some complementary colors to consider are:

  • Blush Pink
  • Mint Green
  • Lavender
  • Sky Blue

Paired together, these colors will create a harmonious and soothing atmosphere in any space.

Layering fun and vibrant prints with Perennial 405 offers a striking effect, suitable for interior spaces that incorporate either traditional or contemporary design elements.

Blue Daisy 2062-40

Blue Daisy 2062-40, a lively and bright blue, is the perfect counterpoint to the earthy tones of Perennial 405. This crisp blue, reminiscent of a clear spring sky, injects a fresh burst of energy into any room. It's an excellent choice for accent walls or decor pieces to contrast with the grounding presence of Perennial 405. Together, these colors create a dynamic and inviting space, offering a visual treat that is both uplifting and harmonious.

Benjamin Moore Blue Daisy 2062-40 available at JC Licht.

Conch Shell 052

Conch Shell 052, a subtle and sophisticated pink hue, provides a soft complement to the vibrant green of Perennial 405. This delicate shade draws inspiration from the natural beauty of seashells and adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. When paired with the refreshing energy of Perennial 405, Conch Shell 052 brings a balanced, soothing atmosphere, perfect for creating a serene bedroom or a chic living area. The combination of these two colors from Benjamin Moore's palette will surely envelop your room in a cozy yet refined aesthetic.

Benjamin Moore Conch Shell 052 available at JC Licht.

Cloud White 967

Cloud White 967 acts as a serene and timeless backdrop to the lively Perennial 405. This classic shade of white offers a clean canvas that highlights the vibrant green, allowing it to take center stage while providing a sense of expansiveness and tranquility. Cloud White's subtle warmth complements the cool undertones of Perennial 405, making it an ideal choice for trims, ceilings, and accent features. When these two colors come together, they create a refreshing and contemporary space that feels both grounded and ethereal.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967 available at JC Licht.


How to Apply Perennial 405 for Optimal Results

Securing a professional finish with Perennial 405 depends on adequate wall preparation and the right choice of painting tools. Start by preparing the wall surface - clean it with a sponge and warm water, remove any mildew, and apply an appropriate primer, especially when painting over a darker hue.

The painting methodology also significantly impacts the final result. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. When loading paint onto the roller, use the roll-off area of the paint tray to evenly saturate the roller without submerging it. This ensures maximum paint pick-up and consistent release.
  2. Start painting from the top of the wall, working down and overlapping each row by 3-5 inches with light pressure to avoid drips.
  3. Reload the roller frequently to maintain a wet edge.

Following these tips will help you achieve a professional-looking interior paint job along with using the correct paint for your application. Perennial 405 is available in Benjamin Moore’s Aura, Aura Bath & Spa, Regal Select, ben, Advance, Waterborne Ceiling Paint, and Ultra Spec 500

Post application, follow these steps for best results:

  1. Let the first coat dry thoroughly as per the paint can’s suggested durations.
  2. Apply a second coat for better hide and color enhancement.
  3. Ensure a proper cure time before reattaching fixtures, wall plates, or frames to avoid damage to the finish.


In conclusion, the versatile and vibrant Perennial 405 offers an exciting opportunity to revitalize your interior spaces. Whether you’re looking to refresh your traditional design elements or add a pop of color to a modern setting, this radiant yellow-green hue is sure to impress. With the right pairings and application techniques, you can transform your space into a lush tropical retreat.

Get Perennial 405 At Your Local JC Licht Store

Eager to infuse the tropical richness of Perennial 405 into your dwelling? JC Licht stores are the top destinations to purchase this dazzling Benjamin Moore color in the Chicago area.

You can get a half-pint sample of Perennial 405 at your local store to try out on your wall. Please note that the samples may vary from actual paint, so expert color consultations are also available to assist you with your specific paint coverage needs and provide advice for best results.

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