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GiGi’s Playhouse

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Painting GiGi’s Playhouse | JC Licht

The JC Licht Schaumburg team offered up a helping hand to GiGi’s Playhouse. JC Licht donated some paint to help freshen up their Hoffman Estates location at 2350 West Higgin Road. Below is a little information about GiGi’s and how their efforts are helping to accomplish great things in the community.

GiGi’s Playhouse is the only international network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers created to provide FREE life-changing therapeutic and educational programs for children, the community. With 36 locations and growing, GiGi’s makes a lifetime commitment to support and empower families from diagnosis to adulthood, build confidence and send a global message of acceptance for all. An additional 240 families per month are joining the 36 GiGi’s Playhouses nationwide and in Mexico, 200 new communities are asking for a GiGi’s Playhouse today. They are tapping an underserved population and this unprecedented growth confirms it, reinforcing the need for fundraising and donations.

When you walk out of GiGi’s Playhouse, you know you’ve visited a place where miracles happen every single day. Whether you’ve received counseling after your initial diagnosis, introduced your new baby to the Playhouse, helped tutor a child to read or met with other siblings of kids with Down syndrome, you leave knowing you are part of some place amazing.

The mission of GiGi’s is to go beyond Down syndrome to encourage global acceptance with “Generation G.” #GenerationG is a conscious decision to be better every day. Be generous. Be kind. Be accepting. The organization is opening its doors to the community and breaking down stereotypes with this social change campaign. Take the Gen G pledge. Put a heart on your hand with a G in it and post it on social media. Draw it, post it, live it.

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Painting Gigi's Playhouse in Chicago, IL

Thank you mug for JC Licht for painting Gigi's Playhouse in Chicago, IL

Painted mug for JC Licht from Gigi's Playhouse as a thank you in Chicago, IL

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