Fashionable and Trending Wallpaper and Wall Coverings | JC Licht


Fashionable and Trending Wallpaper and Wall Coverings

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Fashionable and Trending Wallpaper and Wall Coverings | JC Licht

If you’re a homeowner, especially a new homeowner, then you’ve probably contemplated the decor of the walls in various spaces in your home. It can be a lot to take in, at first, and the range of possible colors to paint, wall treatments to use, or paintings and other art pieces to hang can sometimes paralyze you with how many options there are. One thing you probably haven’t considered is wallpaper!Yes, that’s right, wallpaper.

If you have direct experience with wallpaper, then you probably remember just how much of a hassle it was, with the unwieldy rolls, dull patterns, and terrible, damaging adhesives. Or maybe you only have secondhand experience, and you grew up around the simple, repeating patterns, garish colors, and the act of watching it slowly peel back from the wall over time.

Maybe you don’t know anything about wallpaper at all, and that’s great. In any case, you’ll probably be surprised and delighted to know that the wallpaper of today is nothing like that old junk. Manufacturers have made great strides in the technology, and the advent of computer printing has made it possible to enjoy wallpaper in nearly any print, pattern, or design imaginable. So read on, and consider this list of trending wallpapers—any of which would make great designs for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, or any room!

Metallic Wallpaper

We all like to talk about adding splashes of color and or pattern to liven up a space. Why not consider adding a splash of shine? Even simple geometric patterns with some added foil accents can really up the wow-factor of a room. With a wallpaper that incorporates metallic accents into a pattern or design, you can add a touch of Art Deco opulence to your rooms, harkening back to the excesses of the Roaring Twenties.

While installing wallpaper is easy these days, in this case, it might be worth it to hire a professional just to make sure any small errors aren’t literally shining out at you for the lifespan of the paper.

Geometric Patterns

With the ability to digitally print out rolls of wallpaper on demand, no pattern is too intricate and no effect is too difficult to achieve. Advances in technology lead to your gain, and just about anything you can imagine is available.

Repeating, geometric designs are a hot trend for your walls right now, from soothing, subtle patterns inspired by Moroccan artwork with subtle gradients of color to big, bold, eye-catching block patterns. For the more daring, expect to see three-dimensional patterns that add depth to the wall and naturally draw the eye into the space.

Textured Wallpapers

Wallpapers with effects like layered silk thread, or raised or embossed designs can add significant visual interest to a room, making light, elegant textures that make you feel surrounded by luxury in a room. Typically too delicate for rooms that see a lot of use or moisture, these wallpapers are perfect for a bedroom or a dining room.

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