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Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Kitchens

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Choosing the right paint colors for kitchens with help from JC Licht

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you love to cook or you’re just trying to grab a quick meal at the counter, it should be a space that you enjoy. The right paint color can make all the difference in how you feel about your kitchen. At JC Licht, we carry a beautiful selection of Benjamin Moore paints and can help you with choosing the right paint colors for kitchens.


Lighter shades of blue can make your kitchen look crisp and clean. You can even choose to paint your ceiling a color similar to the sky to help make your kitchen look larger and brighter. Bright blues, however, can overwhelm a room, so they should be used sparingly. Dark blues and navy also work well as long as you use lighter colors like gray and white for accents to keep it from feeling overly dark and intense.


If you have lots of white or wood accents in your kitchen, consider using a bright green like mint or apple. Emerald green is a very striking color and can add some energy to your kitchen when used for cabinets or on an island. Earthy greens can create a calming effect in your home and give you a more natural vibe.


While it can sometimes be classified as cold or dreary, gray as a neutral has been taking over in a lot of homes, especially when the right shade is used. It is the perfect base for your kitchen because it pairs great with a variety of brighter colors, so you can have different pops of color around your space. Lighter grays work well as cabinet or countertop colors to help draw your eye upward, especially if your floors are a darker color.


If you’re like most people who start their morning in the kitchen, white may be a great option for you. White can make a room feel fresh and clean and help energize you for the day. White also lets you be a little more adventurous with accents in your kitchen like your countertops or backsplash because it’ll pair really well with bright colors without being distracting.

If you still can’t decide what color you should paint your kitchen, contact the experts at JC Licht today. We offer color at home consultations where we can come into your home and help recommend a color that will look great with your existing decor and the lighting available. We currently have 48 locations in and around the Chicagoland area. Visitour websitetoday to find a store near you.

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