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Brighten Up Your Home with JC Licht’s Color of the Month: Beacon Hill Damask HC-2

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Brighten Up Your Home with JC Licht’s Color of the Month: Beacon Hill Damask HC-2

As we crank up the summer ballads and don our latest pair of sunglasses, let’s not forget to crank up the volume on the colors inside (and outside) our homes too. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way, and if you’re looking for something as bright and airy as the hot and happy Chicagoland summers,Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 is precisely the shade you need!

As part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection,Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 is chic, luxurious, contemporary, and traditional, all rolled into one. This stylish yellow pigment is offset by a hint of green with golden highlights, and it’s these rich undertones woven throughout the paint color that gives you the bright, sunbaked feel of a warm summer’s day.

The warmth ofBeacon Hill Damask HC-2 is what lands it on theBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette. Whether you’re painting the exterior, brightening up the interior, or adding a pop of color to your furniture, Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 is sure to bring comfort and luster to your home. Get samples of this trendy color or advice from anexpert color consultant at yourlocal JC Licht store.

Shower Your Home with a Whole Lotta Sunshine

Everywhere you look, things are brightening up, and your home should be no different. Capture the essence of summer by painting your walls withBenjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask HC-2. It’s the perfect way to introduce sunshine without being too bright or intense. The soft lemon color pairs well with almost any color, and it’s this versatility that has us blissed out this month.

Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 is the perfect splash of color in a room that only gets northern exposure or doesn’t see much natural light; you bring the light yourself with a coat of this cheerful, sunshiny shade. And Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 will pair well with your home’s existing color scheme, so you don’t need to make a big transformation or purchase all new accent pieces. The metamorphosis comes in the brightness you bring to your home, all with a coat of paint.

Find all thepainting supplies you’ll need, samples, and more by visiting one ofJC Licht’s 48 Chicagoland locations.

Think Outside the House

You’ve probably heard of “think outside the box,” but we want you to think “outside the house!” The exterior of your house is the first thing that greets people when they approach your home. Greet them with a warm smile by painting your exterior inBeacon Hill Damask HC-2.

Front Porch in Benjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 available at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

Think of using black accents for a sophisticated look, likeJet Black 2120-10 on your shutters. Or play on the natural green undertones of Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 with green highlights, likeSaybrook Beige HC-114 orUrban Nature AF-440, which are great paint pairings against the light golden yellow of Beacon Hill Damask HC-2.

For more paint pairings, tips, and color recommendations, visit yourlocal JC Licht store orschedule an in-home color consultation today.

Make Your Furniture Pop

Just like the freshly squeezed lemon in your lemonade, we want you to squeeze every ounce of character from your home, and one way you can do that is by using Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 to paint a piece of furniture!

Wooden Chest in Benjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 available at JC Licht in Chicago, IL

Refresh a tired old nightstand or update your favorite bookshelf with this month’s featured color to add some personality and flair to your home. Spark some creativity by using Beacon Hill Damask HC-2 on a child’s desk or even your own work-from-home setup! The possibilities are endless with such an adaptable hue.

Want to go bold? Consider painting your floor withBeacon Hill Damask HC-2. That’s right; you can have a happy, quirky space by adding a surprising burst of color at your feet! This concept is perfect for a kid’s playroom, a craft room, or even your kitchen.

If you’re envisioning a sunbaked revival for your home this summer, a fresh coat of paint will do just the trick! You can soak up the sun while your home soaks up the refreshing new hue ofBenjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask HC-2. Find this and all the colors on theBenjamin Moore Color Trends 2021 Palette at yourlocal JC Licht store, orschedule a color consultation to find the perfect color for your space.

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