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What is industrial Architecture Design?

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What is industrial Architecture Design?

What is Industrial Architecture Design?

Industrial architecture isn't just for the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago. Our designers can help you incorporate this trendy interior design style into your Chicago and Midwest home.

Architectural Interior Design

Architectural interior design takes an industrial space's open spaces and functionality and adds touches of residential comfort for a homey vibe. Industrial architecture shares a few elements in common:

  • Open spaces and floor plans
  • A focus on function over form, resulting in minimalist décor
  • Exposed materials like beams, brickwork, and ductwork
  • Natural light via skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Concrete walls, flooring, or countertops
  • Various metal finishes, especially copper

Industrial Design Tips

Industrial design focuses on function, making it a perfect place to utilize a neutral color palette. The primary colors are usually blacks, grays, and whites, with more vibrant hues seen in accents. Depending on the size and location of your windows, your space may look best with simple roller shades or large panel-track blinds. Skylights can remain uncovered, or outfit them with a manually adjustable cellular shade. Today's architectural design embraces sustainability and repurposing old things into new ones. Tables, countertops, and furniture made from reclaimed wood or metal pipes add to this style's raw, rustic appeal. Combining wood and metal is an excellent way to lean into this aesthetic. Consider steel countertops with wood cabinets or a wooden tabletop with metal legs.

Embracing Unconventional Décor

One of the easiest ways to bring architectural design into your home is with pieces that would be at home in factories. Fire extinguishers and vintage payphones make great decorative accents. You can also use graffiti art to create a unique gallery wall totally in sync with the industrial vibe. Limewash brickwork or concrete walls for a fun look that keeps within the functional handbook of the design style. Thrift some antique lamps with Edison bulbs and leave the shades off to give them an ultra-industrial appearance.

Practical Pieces

Factories and other industrial spaces feature versatile items with clean lines and a practical purpose. Avoid pieces with organic curves in favor of sleek, geometric shapes. Don't get so caught up in the authenticity of the aesthetic that you forget to add creature comforts to your home. Industrial architecture favors natural textiles, like linen and cotton. Use throw blankets and faux fur pillows to add interest, texture, and a welcoming character to your space. Be careful not to overdo it, though. Factories never have the intention of being "decorative."

Industrial Architecture Design in Chicago

JC Licht has what you need to bring the uncluttered beauty of industrial architecture design to your home. We are Chicago's premier dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments, Benjamin Moore paint, and designer wallpaper.

Visit us at one of our many showrooms throughout the Midwest, or book an in-home consultation today. You can count on JC Licht to Make it Happen! JC Licht is the preferred provider of Hunter Douglas products for the Midwest and Chicagoland. Contact us today!


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